Friday, February 25, 2011

Phuket Town

Every time we drove on soi Thonglor; we noticed a shop house/ restaurant that is designed to look like a shop house in Phuket town. It looked so interesting that we decided that we had to try to the food. The name of the restaurant is of course...Phuket Town.

The interiour of the restaurant has old world charm. The mix of colonial/ Chinese & local Phuket furniture and decorations made up the actually feel like you are in Phuket town. Even the murals on the walls are painted scenes the good old days of Phuket town.

The first dish was Deep fried Sea bream with cumin (220 baht). These little rascals are one of my favourite dishes in Phuket. It was not often we could find them on the menu when we were in Phuket but when we did find them...we had to have them. At Phuket Town, we were not disappointed. The fish were deep fried to a golden brown; the fish was crispy on the outside but very tender on the inside. The great flavour of the cumin was so evident. Such an amazing dish.

The second dish was Stir fried Sa-Tor with shrimp in shrimp paste (150 baht small/ 170 baht large). This dish is not for everyone; because of the flavour of the Sa-Tor. It is indeed an acquired taste. Sa-Tor grows on very tall trees all over Phuket. The flavour is very very very bitter & has a very strange smell on top of it. However; for this dish, the Sa-Tor combined with the shrimp & shrimp paste tasted really good. The intense flavours and nice texturs (crunchy Sa-Tor and tender shrimps) were a good combination.

The third dish was Red curry pla-mong fish souffle served in banana leaf (65 baht). Another favourite souffle. One of the best in Phuket is at Kan-aeng II; it is so so so yummy. So; we were so happy to order a true Phuket fish souffle. Thank goodness it turned out to be very good. The texture of the souffle was lovely; soft, tender & creamy due to the coconut cream. The combined tastes of sweetness & spiciness was just lovely. So So Satisfying.

The fourth dish was White cumin spiced minced pork and prawn salad (150 baht). We introduced and started eating white cumin at a lovely & small restaurant in Chatuchuk Weekend market. So; when we saw this salad on the menu, we had to try it. Not only does white cumin have an intense flavour it is supposedly a good ingredient that fights cancer. This salad had great colours, textures and flavours. Another hit.

The bicycle truly adds to the charm of the place. It reminded me of the lazy & slow days of a a charming town where people biked around and there was no traffic.

The front of of the restaurant is painted in bright happy colours...which is indeed eye catching.

Overall; a great secret on Thonglor. Charming atmosphere & ambiance. The service is discreet but efficient. The prices are so reasonable for the quality. The food is very authentic and delicious. It is not a very large place so when it gets busy it will be difficult to get a table...but it for sure will be worth it.

Address: 160/ 8 soi Thonglor, Sukhumvit 55
Bangkok 10110
Tel.: 02-714-9402
Open daily: 10:30am - 22:00pm


Riya said...

I like "Phuket Town" too.

Next time when you get a chance to visit "Phuket". You should visit "Raya" restaurant. Its the best local Phuket food-restaurant on the island. Khun "Kulab" , who is very old now, cooks the best local Phuket food. She is often asked to teach Chefs in those fancy 5-6 stars hotels. said...

I just wanted to say that I love this blog! The honest reviews, the great photos and now that you are listing the prices it is even better! Well done and keep up the good work.