Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mellow @ Thonglor

My colleagues/ team mates decided to have a dinner so to have 'team bonding' session. One of the girls decided to take us to a new place on soi Thonglor. The name of the place was 'Mellow'. It is situated where Lenotre used to be at Penny's Balcony community mall (across the street from J-Avenue). This is currently the 'happening' place on Thonglor; so parking was an adventure in itself.

The atmosphere is dark with strategically placed spot lights to add a mysterious mood and the place is surrounded with windows so that customers had a view of the hussle and bussle of the street but also for passing people to see how trendy & crowded the place was. The decor had wooden tables & chairs; nothing special but the space itself was more of the attraction than the decor. The ambiance had loungey music playing in the background and the place had a lot of energy & activity because the place filled up so quickly. It is one of the very trendy and crowded places in Penny's Corner.

Since there were 10 of us and we ordered a lot of food; let me present them to you and I will give an overall comment. Hope you do not mind.

The first dish was Smoked Salmon Potato Pancake (180 baht).

The next dish was Chicken Nugget Wasabi Blue Cheese (165 baht).

The next dish was Pomegranate Salad (180 baht).

The next dish was Potato Wedges (100 baht)

The next dish was Buffalo Wings (150 baht).

The next dish was Ceasar Salad (180 baht).

The next dish was Tiger Prawn Sake Pink Sauce Linguine (280 baht).

The next dish was Sirloin Steak (550 baht).

The next dish was Spicy Italian Sausage and Mushroom (240 baht).

The next dish was Mentaiko Linguine (200 baht).

The next dish was Pan-roasted Sea Bass (280 baht).

The next dish was Seafood A.O.P. Black Ink Fettucine (280 baht).

The next dish was Tiger Prawn A.O.P. Black Ink Fettucine (300 baht).

The next dish was Salmon Steak White Sauce (320 baht).

The drink was Sake.

Overall: the food; was good but nothing spectacular. For a place like this...a place to be seen, a place that is meant more as a gathering hole rather than a gastronomic pub per se. Some of the dishes were trying too hard to be either 'fusion' or 'modern'...but what Mellow does best is when they stay with the basics like meat or simple pasta. The food was proper in terms of portions, quality, flavours and tastes. The prices were also not that bad actually for a trendy place on Thonglor; the most expensive dish we had was the Sirloin Steak and it was very reasonable at 550 baht....that is a very good thing! The service was not too bad for the place being so busy and the staff were friendly on top of that.

Address: Penny's Balcony, 16 Thonglor, Bangkok 10110
Tel.: o2-382-0065

Current news:
Set Lunch Available 11am-2pm. Free Wi-Fi.
Happy Hours Sunday-Thursday 5pm-7pm:
Buy 1 get 1 Free Cocktails/Asahi Draft

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