Friday, January 04, 2013

Little Beast

We have read and heard so much about Little Beast (I like the name) that we finally had to try it out.  Little Beast is located on Thonglor (the most annoying soi due to traffic).  Little Beast is in soi 13 and you have to drive very slowly or you will miss the place.  Once we found it; there was a very small and narrow alley way that leads to the parking lot...which was a total disaster.  The traffic coordinator had no coordination skills what-so-ever...he allows us to enter and at the same time allows another car to leave; be are both stuck in the one lane alley....good job Mr. Parking attendant.  The parking lot was packed because the lot is shared with other restaurants.  After maneuvering several times, we finally parked.    

When we arrived; thought we reserved a table inside, we were seated outside on the terrace next to the one lane alley because the place was packed, packed, packed...did I mention the place was packed?  At first we did not mind; but it became too hot and we asked if we can have the first available table inside.  The hostess was charming and very friendly.  She asked us to wait 10 minutes and she got us a table upstairs.

Little Beast is a very small restaurant; so it is very wise to call in advance for a table.   While waiting for our table; we had a quick chat with the lovely hostess about the concept of Little Beast.  In short:  the partners opened Little Beast because they all studied in New York City.  They missed the type of atmosphere and food they used to have in NYC.  So they decided to create that in Bangkok...I think they did a great job with the atmosphere.

The decor of Little Beast is very cool (the photo above is the second floor dinning area).  It is a good mixture of steel & wood.  Very good lighting fixtures that added mood & ambiance.  The dinning furniture is an eclectic mixture of pieces with different colours, textures and sizes...yet all the pieces blend well with the environment.   It is vintage yet modern at the same time.

The first appetizer to share was Tuna Tartare (180 baht).  This dish was made with good quality & fresh tuna. A basic dish where the main ingredient must stand out and be the star; which was the case here.  Very good.

The next appetizer to share was Char Plate 3 (320 baht).  The charcuterie platter had three types of home-made meats.  This dish was somewhat of the meats was too dry and seemed like it was sitting around for too long, one was not spiced enough and the slices were too thin (that is my opinion since I am such a pig when it comes to eating).

My main dish was Chicken Couscous (350 baht).  The chicken was of good quality.  The chicken was well cooked...very tender & juicy.  The broth was light but very tasty.  The broth was perfect to accompany the couscous and added much flavour to it.  A lovely and hearty dish.

My friend's main dish was Pork Belly (300 baht).  The pork belly came in three nice sized portions.  It was cooked nicely; where the meat had a lovely golden honey brown colour to it.  The pork was tender and thank goodness was not dried out.  It had lots of flavour to it.

Dessert to share was Ice Cream Sandwich (150 baht).   I have never seen this type of dessert on a menu so I was curious to try it.  There were several flavour of ice cream sandwiches to choose from; I chose the snickernoodle (I honestly had no clue what that was).  The sandwich was very soft and chewy.  The ice cream was flavourful, creamy and not too sweet.  A very nice combination and nice way to end the mea.

The first floor of Little Beast has some tables and a long bar where tons of people mingle, chat and drink.  Very lively.

The outdoor terrace where there are two does get hot but it is good for smokers and people who prefer less noise.  A nice view of inside the restaurant.

Overall;  Little Beast is a great addition to the food scene of Thonglor.  It offers an unique atmosphere and food.  The food is simple, nicely executed, cooked well and the prices are very reasonable.  The hostess was very friendly and attentive.  The service overall was good.  We will return for sure.  

Address:  44/9-10 Thonglor soi 13
Phone #:  02-185-2670
Opening hours:  Tuesday - Saturday 17:30 - 1:00 am, Sunday 17:30 - 12:00 am

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