Friday, October 23, 2009

Coffee Break (Athens, Greece)

After seeing the Acropolis museum and the Acropolis. We decided visit the center Athens. The shopping district of Athens.

We took the metro. When you come up from the metro; you are greeted with the City Hall.

We were hot, tired and thirsty. We ended up at the very chic area where the coffee shops were and where the beautiful Athenians were hanging out. We decided on this coffee shop because we saw a guy drinking a coffee drink that looks very tempting.

The drink was a blended mocha. It was smooth, rich, creamy and absolutely coffee delicious. A Starbucks blended drink will never be able to compare to this amazing drink. On top of that; they give you free chocolate cake (which was very moist and yummy) to accompany your coffee drink. I was in coffee heaven. I just love the idea of getting free pastry with your drink order. Amazing!

Here I am staring at the beautiful Athenians sitting at the coffee shop across from us.

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