Friday, October 23, 2009

Park Hyatt breakfast (Istanbul, Turkey)

We woke up early to have our final 'tourist' day in Istanbul. There was still a lot of places we wanted to see. We headed down to the lobby for breakfast.

The Park Hyatt does not do anything half-way. Even the cutlery and plates they use are very beautiful and stylish.

The breakfast consist of buffet and you get to order a hot dish from the breakfast menu. We first ordered a mushroom and tomato omelette with Turkish cheese. The omelette was cooked perfectly. Not over cooked but very soft to the touch of the fork. The Turkish cheese added a very nice flavour to the normally ordinary omelette. This was a very good choice.

The second hot dish was french toast with fresh red berry sauce. I am a sucker for french toast (if its done well). These were amazing. They used very good bread, which already was a great start. Cooked to perfection; the bread lightly soaked in the egg batter, fried to a golden brown outside and soft inside. But, what was also amazing was the fresh red berry sauce that accompanied the french toast. Sour, tangy, acidic and sweet. Fantastic flavours to add to the french toast.

The bread & pastry counter. We were in bakery heaven. What stood out was the Turkis round bagel like bread covered with sesame seeds. So good!

The cereal, fruit and jam counter. Too many choices and not enough space in my stomache for all of it.

The dinning area was stylishly simple and chic. The staff is incredible!!! They truly understand what the word 'service with a smile' means.

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