Monday, July 05, 2010

Miyatake (Tokyu Supermarket, MBK)

We wanted to go to MBK for lunch & buy a cover for our iPad 3G (it's the coolest thing on earth). We decided to park at Paragon and walk to MBK. The traffic in front of Paragon was a disaster (as usual). You really need patience to drive to Paragon (as usual). Once we got in the parking lot of Paragon; it was a nightmare (as usual). However; luckily we found one right away.

Walking to Paragon we passed the area which is called the "Super Car" section. Meaning you must be a member and you must drive a car that is worth millions and millions of baht if you want to park there. As you can see; only Porsche, Audi TTS, Nissan GTR, etc. It was quite amazing to see such wonderful cars parked along side each other.

After walking through the mazes called the Paragon, Siam Center & Siam Discovery Malls, we finally reached our destiantion...MBK. We headed towards Tokyu Department Store's 4th floor. The reason we wanted to have lunch there is because, Tokyu Supermarket has one of the best tuna stalls in Bangkok. Actually; it is a chain of tuna stalls all over town; but I heard the one at Tokyu is super good and the portions are huge (which is something I really like).

The name of the restaurant is Miyatake. I think my next goal is to try every single Miyatake in town. I have already tried the one at Fuji Supermarket on Sukhumvit and at the Gourmet Supermarket at K-Village.

The stall is a basic set up. We sat on stools at the counter and watched the sushi chefs make our lunch. It was very cool.

The perfect view...watching the chefs make our lunch.

The first dish was the Seafood Gama Roll. The roll was a combination of the freshest tuna and avocado. The tuna had a lovely burgundy colour which contrasted with the pale green of the avocado. The combination of colour, taste and texture made this dish outstanding.

The second dish was the Butsu Sukimi Don. A mixture of tuna tartare & tuna chunks on top of rice. So simple yet so fantastic.

The third dish was the Sukimi Tetsuka bowl. A mixture of tuna tartare and thinly sliced chunks of tuna. Another awesome dish. I wanted to eat more but had to control myself.

The Tokyu Supermarket, is not as hi-so or modern as the Gourmet Supermarket at K-Village or the Tops at Central Chidlom; but who cares. It is old but has some kind of charm to it and it reminds me of how supermarkets used to be when I was growing up. How can the Tokyu Supermarket be that bad when one of the top tuna stalls in town decides to have one of its stalls in there?

Overall; Miyatake is absolutely amazing! On top of that the portions were huge, the staff were friendly and the most important part is that the tuna is fresh and very very tasty. Highly Recommended!

MBK Center
444 Phayathai Rd., Patumwan
Tel : +66-2620-9000

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Lenny KHaritonov said...

just ate at Miyatake.....execellent place