Monday, October 18, 2010

Bangpra Beach Restaurant

We took a day trip to go visit my friends factory in Sattahip. But before seeing my friend's factory; we decided to stop at the most famous food market: Nong Mon Market; where you can practically buy anything your heart desires to eat.

This market is located on Sukhumvit Road along the way to Bang Saen. Nong Mon Market offers a vast variety of locally produced seafood products such as fish, squid, and shrimp, both fresh and preserved. In addition, sweets and other local sweetmeats are also popular.

The most awesome deep fried crab rolls. We had to wait for 15 minutes to actually order some because there was a long queue of people. We had to start giving the 'evil eye' to some customers who arrived and tried to cut the queue. Apparently; my 'evil eye' worked because they waited their turn. The crab rolls were deep fried to a dark golden brown. They were a solid mass of crab which tasted so good. We ate the whole box of a dozen in the car.

Fresh coconut juice...always so refreshing and tasty. To refresh ourselves from the drive to Sattahip; coconut juice is always the perfect answer instead of Coca cola. It is just so pure & tasty. And of course cost nothing.

A huge pot of freshly steamed Hor mok (steamed fish mousse in banana leaf). I did not want to buy any because we were on our way to have lunch. But; oh boy was I tempted.

Tons & tons & tons of dried squid and shrimp (and other strange dried stuff). We could smell these items already a few meters away. A pungent smell of sea critters. Just lovely.

The most amazing cakes..fresh out of the oven...I am not joking. The ovens are in front view and we witnessed all the yummy cakes being taken out of the oven. The only problem with these very popular cakes is that there were a dozen types to choose from. Making my life more difficult! There are cakes filled with coconut, cashew, taro, custard, etc. and as well as plain. Which one, which one??? I chose the one with coconut and one with cashew.

I bought a few of these...Khao larm (sticky rice in bamboo), I bought two purple rice & two white rice. I can never resist. Another hap hazard in my life. I love these hollow bamboos stuffed with sticky rice & coconut cream. Damn they are so good.

We arrived at our destination. We were taken to this restaurant by a foodie friend many years ago. I was surprised that we found it again. The place is open air and very simply decorated.

The first dish was Squid in lemon sauce. The squid were so fresh, plumb and firm. Because the squid was sauteing in the most delicious lemon soup; the squid was tender & juicy. The perfect combination of tangy, salty, spicy and sweet made this dish so so awesome.

The next dish was Wing bean salad. The wing beans were accompanied with dried fish and cashews. The salad had so much texture and tasted so so good.

The next dish was Crab fried rice. I looovvveee fried rice even though I know it has to be one of the most unhealthy dishes on earth for me. However; the crab fried rice was absolutely devine. First of all it was not oily; which is a huge plus for me. There was an abundance of crab which is another huge plus. The rice also had egg, tomato and some greens. With a dash of fish sauce & chili; this dish was perfect.

The next dish was Fried fish with fish sauce. Boy do I love fried fish with fish sauce and this dish did not disappoint. The fish was deep fried perfectly; the outside was crispy and the inside was tender & moist. The fish sauce added the wonderful flavour to the dish. Heavenly.

The lovely garden sitting area of the restaurant.

Overall; a great stop for seafood whenever you are in the Chonburi area. Everything was simple and good; that includes the service, the atmosphere and definately the food. I still do not know how restaurants do it in Thailand. Our whole meal only cost 600 baht; and we got the freshest of seafood that was cooked perfectly and tasted wonderful. No matter how they do it; I hope they keep doing it forever.

32 Moo 1
Bangpra Sriracha Chonburi
Tel.: 081-865-2565, 086-326-4487

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