Monday, October 04, 2010

Youyen (Hua Hin)

We met our other colleagues at the hotel to freshen up. It was dinner time and there was a dinner planned for us at one of the most popular and famous seafood restaurants in Hua Hin.

The restaurant is called Youyen.

The path way leading to the restaurant & sea.

The beach house that is actually the dessert area.

The restaurant next to the beach.

Some of the tables near the beach.

The first dish was Khao Pad Pu. The fried rice was cooked nicely; however I felt it was a bit too oily and a bit stingy on the crab meat. I have had better and I have worse.

The second dish was Steamed Egg Custard with Shrimp. The custards were interesting since I do not find these often in restaurants. The texture was soft & velvety. However; alone, the custards were very bland. I needed to add chili sauce to add flavour to the dish. They could have added herbs or spices to the custard.

The next dish was Massaman Nua Curry. The peanuts, potatoes & beef were tender. The massaman was rich, thick and had a very nice taste; but I felt the massaman was on the sweet side (which is not a good thing).

The next dish was Yum Woon Sen Talay. This dish had fresh seafood (very little of it); but the colurs, textures and flavour was very nice. A good combination of sour, sweet, tangy and spicy.

The next dish was Namprik Pu. I was a disappointed with this namprik. I should have not compared this crab namprik to my favourite one (a restaurant on the expressway heading to Hua Hin). This namprik could not compare at all; it was too watery and the crab was somehow missing.

The next dish was Pu Nim Tod. The soft crab was deep fried to a dark golden brown. The crab was slightly crispy and soft & tender inside. A nicely prepared dish.

The next dish was Pla Tod Nam-pla. I do love this dish and at Youyen, they did not disappoint because the fish was very fresh & deep fried to a light golden brown. The fish was moist & tender inside. The fish sauce flavour was apparent but not overwhelming (which is a good thing). Very nice!

The next dish was Yum Goong. The shrimps were fresh, plumb & firm. The flavours of garlic, lemon grass, chilies, mint, lime & fish sauce were fantastic.

The next dish was Steamed Prawns. The prawns were fresh, large, firm and juicy. A simple dish but always so so good.

The next dish was Tom Yum Pla. The tom yum had a good combination of sour, tangy, sweet and spicy taste. But what was nice of this tom yum was that it had a long finish of the sour & tangy taste. Very yummy.

The dessert was Sala loi kaew. This fruit is simply amazing; it is tart, sweet & sour all at the same time. A really refreshing way to end a meal.

Overall; the seafood was very fresh, cooked nicely and tasted pretty good. There were some misses but due to the lovely atmosphere of eating at a seaside restaurant; all those misses did not at all ruin my dinner.

Address: Naeb Khehars Road in front of Hua Hin soi 51
Tel.: 032-531-191 To 2.
Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

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PP said...

Read your entry about Youyen and am wondering if you will recommend it for a nice beachside dining meal? Seems like the Western food is better than the Thai? Are there other rest. along the beach that you will recommend? There isn’t much write-up about this place and it’s our first time to HH and we are celebrating a close friend’s anniversary. Thank you for your input.