Saturday, December 18, 2010

Le Crabe Marteau (Paris, France)

Its our first day back in Paris for our winter break. Its so nice to be back in Paris for the holidays. It is very cold but walking around Paris during the holidays always lifts up my Christmas spirit.

The Christmas decorations are everywhere; on the streets, the shops, etc. But the decorations are done in such a stylishly & chic fashion that you can't but fall in love with what you see.

For our first lunch back in Paris. We decided to go to a 'crab' restaurant. We read great reviews about this small but amazing place. So; we already knew we had to try it when we arrived in Paris. What is also great about this place is that it is so close to our place.

When we entered the restaurant; we were greeted very nicely by two gentlemen. One of them directed us to the table. The restaurant is very small; about 8 tables (downstairs). The place is decorated with fishing paraphernalia; fishing net, photos of fishing docks, etc. Its done tastefully and cute.

The young gentleman arrived at our table and told us all the specials of the day. A very friendly young chap with a good sense of humour. He also told us to take our time and take a look at the menu which was also hanging on the wall.

The first dish we tried was Kig Ha Farz (23 euros). Of course we never heard of this dish before; but it looked like a 'pot au feu' (without the broth). The potatoes, carrots, cabbage & seafood were all cooked in a seafood broth for a long time. The dish was served with an onion sauce. The seafood was so fresh and tasty. The dish was hearty & filling; perfect for winter.

The second dish was the Capitaine (28 euros). This dish consisted of a 1/2 tourteau (in season) and six oysters. The tourteau was so huge, fresh and was absolutely delicious. The oysters were equally wonderful.

What is so fun about this restaurant is that there are hammers (marteau) on the table so that we can smash the crab ourselves. Next to each table is a plastic bucket where we throw away our shells.

The evidence of our hard work.

Overall; a great find in Paris. The restaurant was easy going & comfortable. The service was so friendly and efficient. The seafood was incredibly fresh and tasty. The prices are so so affordable. The total bill was 61.50 euros (including a large bottle of water and two coffees). I can't wait to go back to see what 'crab' is in season.

16, rue des Acacias
75017 Paris
Tel.: 01 44 09 85 59

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