Thursday, December 02, 2010

Moo Tune

Time for lunch...yeepeee! So my office colleagues and I decided we wanted to have something simple and cheap for lunch. We decided to have pork noodle soup.

One of the most popular pork noodle stalls was a 10 minute drive from our office. The place is on soi Nonsi (a popular soi with lots of food vendors which is very close to Narathiwas Rd.). The open kitchen where the pork soup guru prepares all the orders. As usual; we had a choice of different types of noodles and thickness of the rice noodles. We also had to choose what type of pork and what part of the pork we wanted to be included in our soup.

The first order was thin rice noodle with fresh pork and pork balls no soup.

The next order was thin rice noodle with fresh pork with soup.

The next order was thin rice noodles with stewed pork with soup.

The next order was fresh pork & pork balls with soup, accompanied with rice instead of noodles.

Overall; the soups were very nice. The pork was fresh and the broth was tasty. At 35-50 baht per bowl (depending on how much pork you want); we cannot complain at all about affordability. The shop house was nothing glamorous in terms of decor or ambiance...just affordable, good and wholesome soup. That is all we asked for and we got it.

Soi Nonsi (opposite Pratong Noodles)

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sidhartha said...


I really like your blog. And I believe that Bangkok is the food capital of the world. I was really interested by one of your earlier post on the Tom yum fish soup. Did u manage to get the address of the place. I want to try that place next time I am in Bangkok.