Thursday, July 07, 2011

Bon Marché Market Place

One of the most popular shopping areas in Bangkok is a place called Bon Marché. We heard it is owned by one of the princesses of Thailand and has a variety of shops, market stalls, restaurants, and coffee shops. It was my first time visiting the market; but I had a feeling that it's a hi-so market, where the affluent and trendy in Bangkok go do their shopping and eating.

Called the market, you can find all types of fresh foods here. It is trying to compete with the world famous Or Tor Cor food market. However; unlike Or Tor Cor, you won’t see a wet market here. The market has several zones - Bon Market, Bon Food Court, Bon Restaurant, Bon Service, Bon Plaza and Bon Jewelry.

We were impressed with the number of cars trying enter into the parking lot; believe me it was a lot. But what was more surprising was that...when we entered the market, the place was not cramped with people. Perhaps because the market is huge or just well spaced, whatever the case, it was very comfortable walking around.

The market is very clean and perfect if you want to buy fresh ingredients for cooking, to have a delicious meal, shop for cloths/jewelry/furniture/ accessories, etc. etc., you can even do banking transactions, have a Thai massage after walking so much! What ever you feel or want to do; they have it here. But for was the food that interested me the most.

One of the food court dinning areas with the view of the enormous pond with fountain.

A stall selling dried shrimps.

A stall selling grilled bananas.

A stall selling grilled sausages.

A stall selling lemon juice...not from concentrate. I bought a six pack (160 baht).

A stall selling grilled pork satays and e-sarn sausages.

Stall after stall selling fresh seasonal fruit.

A kiosk selling coconut ice-cream.

A small kiosk selling deep fried bananas. I bought a small box which which consisted of around 10 pieces (25 baht).

Another food court dinning area.

Overall; I still think Or Tor Cor is the best food market in town. However; I for sure cannot complain about the selection of fresh produce and cooked foods available at Bon Marché. I swear, I wanted to eat everything I saw. I wish I lived closer to Bon Marché, I would visit it everyday!

Prachaniwet 1 Rd, Lat Yao, Chatuchak, Bangkok, 10900


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