Monday, July 11, 2011

Krua Im-Aroy

It is very rare that my entire department can have lunch together due to everyone having meetings out of the office. So; it was great that the majority of the team was able to have lunch together. We decided to enjoy a good lunch at Krua Im-Aroy.

Krua Im-Aroy is actually not really a restaurant but the chef/ owner turned her home into a lovely restaurant. Once we walked into the drive way; all of a sudden we saw the outdoor kitchen where a car is suppose to be parked.

The chef of Krua Im-Aroy and her team cook up some of the yummiest Thai food around our area. All that lovely food is made in this 'made-up' kitchen. Absolutely amazing.

We reserved the 'sala' for our department; it actually fit all 12 of us. The house has a huge pond and the sala sits right in the middle of the pond.

The first dish was Deep fried Crab omelette.

The next dish was Gaeng-som.

The next dish was Stir fried pork.

The next dish was Stir fried squid & shrimp with vegetables.

The next dish was Curried shrimp with egg yolk.

The next dish was Som-tum with salty egg.

The next dish was Glass noodle with ground pork.

The next dish was the Fried chicken (house specialty).

The next dish was Stir fried pork with thousand year old eggs topped with fried sweet basil.

The next dish was Fried tofu with ground pork & mushrooms.

Krua Im-Aroy turned the patio into the main dinning area of the restaurant.

The Krua Im-Aroy's doggy taking a rest under the kitchen counter.

Overall; not the prettiest restaurant around; but no one cares. It does have its charm due to it having the natural & simplistic touch. The menu is so extensive that it is so difficult to choose what to eat. So in the end; we just ordered a lot of food so that we can taste as much dishes as we could.

The food is and always going to be the star at Krua Im-Aroy. Authentic, simple, tasty and ridiculously cheap...we ordered 2x the dishes that I have shown in the photos above as well as drinks & ice; and the bill came to only 150 baht per person...amazing! Oh and on top of all that; everyone who works at Krua Im-Aroy is very friendly. A great place for a lovely lunch with the team.

Address: house #1 Yen Akat soi 1
Tel.: 02-2491872

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