Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bourbon Street

I still remember going to Bourbon Street for the first time about 20 years ago with my father when it was at Washington Square.  I will always remember those visits to Bourbon Street because the place was a dark, seedy, run down and loud (full of drunk Americans) was absolutely fun and great.  I also remember the food; I had never had cajun/ creole food...Bourbon Street was my first experience.

Now in 2012...Bourbon Street has moved to its new location on soi Ekamai.  Washington Square where Bourbon Street used to be is going to be torn down to build another boring shopping mall.  I wanted to try the new Bourbon Street just for memory sake.

The place is huge; the main dining room on the first floor and a mezzanine on the second floor.  It still has the old style wooden chairs and tables that I remembered.  A huge fish tank bar is the main focus in the middle of the room.

The new Bourbon Street in my opinion has lost its charm; it's too pristine... it has lost its darkness, seediness and scariness.  It is now a 'proper' looking restaurant/ bar.  When we arrived; the place was drunk Americans to add noise and atmosphere to the place.  Either most of the old and regular customers agree with me that Bourbon Street has lost its charm or most people do not know yet that Bourbon Street is on soi Ekamai.  I just hope for Bourbon Street that its the second reason.

However; I noticed that their menu has not changed over all these years.  It still has all the wonderful Cajun/ Creole food, American food, Mexican food, Thai food and so much more.  The menu is so extensive; I never know what to order.  All the food looks really yummy.  We decided to make it a mostly Cajun evening.  

My friend's appetizer was Shrimp & Crabmeat Gumbo (150 baht...small portion).  The soup was rich, thick and hearty.  It was accompanied with corn bread (which is pretty good).  The gumbo had a very nice taste to it.  The soup had so much shrimp and crab (which is a great thing), on top of that a good portion of rice was added...this was a meal in itself.   

My appetizer was Creole Bouillabaisse (200 baht...large portion).  A variety of fresh fish and shrimp in a light sauce of tomatoes, garlic and herbs.  The soup was full fresh fish and shrimp.  The soup was light but yet had good flavour to it.  Loads of good things to make this soup very satisfying. 

My friend's main dish was Pepper Steak (495 baht).  A fillet mignon simmered in their pepper sauce.  We were very surprised that the steak was of very good quality and that it was cooked perfectly.  It was tender and juicy.  For the price and the portion; this was a good bargain.  The steak was accompanied with a baked potato and corn bread.  

My main dish was Shrimp, Crab & Eggplant Casserole (295 baht).  Bourbon Street's version of a classic from New Orleans' Bon Ton restaurant with rice.  This was an interesting dish full of goodies;  the eggplant, shrimp and crab were abundant and fresh.  It had a good roasted flavour, it had nice textures and was hearty.   

Overall; even though I miss the old Bourbon Street for its dodgyness...I am still glad that they kept the food as it used to be.  Big portions of hearty cajun/ creole dishes  The service is always friendly and attentive.  The prices are very reasonable for the quality and portions.  Honestly; there are no major issues with Bourbon Street; its easy going and comfortable; but the atmosphere needs improving.

Address:  9/39-40 soi Tana Arcade
Sukhumvit 63 Ekamai, Bangkok

Telephone:  02-381-6801-3

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