Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Christina's Kitchen

We have a Thai friend who studied in America, then lived in America and loves anything American...especially American food and American football (even though they never use their foot).

So; she told us that she just went to an American restaurant that serves the typical American food and that she looooves it!  Though I am not a huge fan of American food; we had to try it out for lunch.  Even though our friend is a junky for American food; she actually happens to be a foodie, so we do trust her opinion on food.

The new American restaurant is called Christina's Kitchen on soi 20 Sukhumvit (almost at the end of the soi on the right side if you are coming from Sukhumvit).    

The decor is nothing special; there is no concept behind the decor or atmosphere so it could be any type of restaurant.  A very large flat screen tv hangs on the wall (I presume its to watch American sports while eating American food).  Faux black alligator leather chairs with black and white table clothes dominate the colour scheme of the room.  There is a small window in the back of the room allows the customers to view the cooks at work.

The first starter to share was Buffalo Wings (229 baht).  You always are reminded that you are in an American restaurant by the portions; oh my, Christina's Kitchen lives up to that reputation.  I think there were 10 huge buffalo wings; however, it was not only wings but some leg sticks as well.

The chicken was accompanied with a ranch dressing dip and some old looking celery sticks which were black on the ends and carrot sticks.  I am presuming that Christina makes her own sauce; which was thick, not sweet at all (a good thing), slightly smokey but in my opinion way too sour.  I am not an expert on buffalo wings but maybe they are suppose to be sour.

The chicken was of good quality, they were cooked well...crispy on the outside but tender and juicy on inside.

The second starter to share was Deviled Eggs (125 baht).  The friend I had lunch with said he used to eat this dish when he lived in America and wanted to have them again.  The deviled eggs were good; the yolks creamy with a nice balance of the mayonnaise and the mustard.  The paprika and herbs added extra flavour.

My friend's main dish was Cuban Sandwich (395 baht).  Wow did this sandwich look appetizing.  It was huge and oozing with so much goodies.  Something new we learned that day by looking at the menu; the bread is called a 'hoagie'...a long sandwich bread split in the middle and stuffed with meat.

The sandwich was stuffed with roasted pork, glazed ham, cheese, dill-pickles and jalepeno peppers...all grilled till the cheese melted and the bread was crunchy.  The sandwich was out of this world; all the flavours and the textures melted so well together.

My main dish was Chicken Pot Pie (454 baht).  I ordered this dish because it is rare to have a good chicken pot pie in Bangkok (or I have not found it yet).  After we ordered our lunch; a few minutes later a blonde American woman arrived at the restaurant with grocery bags (we assumed it was Christina).

In a few minutes more; Christina came to our table and appologised that her staff did now warn me that the chicken pot pie would take longer because she makes the dough fresh for each chicken pie ordered; which was a very nice aspect of this dish.

My chicken pie finally arrived after my friend was finished with his sandwich.  I did not mind because we were in no hurry but I was very hungry.  I opened the chicken pie; the dough was baked well and was a golden brown.  The dough was very thick, fluffy and moist; it had that American breakfast biscuit texture to it.  As for the taste of the dough; I thought it was too sweet; it was like a dough for a dessert pie instead of a savoury pie.

The filling was very thick, rich and creamy.  Tons of large chunky chicken pieces and so much corn, carrots, potato and green beans.  The portion was very large (which is a very good thing for a person who eats a lot like myself).  The chicken pie was very tasty, was a hearty dish and so it was worth the wait.

Overall;  the food at Christina's Kitchen was not bad at all.  I seldom eat American food; so I am no expert.  However; when you are feeling for simple and hearty American food; this is a good place for sure.  Christina uses the best ingredients for her dishes...for example; we over heard Christina tell one of her staff when they go shopping for jalepeno peppers, she prefers that they buy the US jalepenos vs. the Thai ones (I assuming they are more expensive and spicy).  The portions are large.  The service is friendly and efficient.  The prices are some what reasonable since she is using more expensive ingredients.  Oh; I almost forgot to mention, Christina was a very outgoing and nice person who takes her time to explain the food and was very attentive to our needs.

Address: 64/1 Sukhumvit soi 20, Bankgok

Telephone:  090 408 0647

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Best Bangkok said...

Wow, what a coincidence! I've been to sukhumvit 20 last week and didnt visit this restaurant. This will be on my list for the next eat out.