Sunday, April 27, 2008

O Bontemps II

The continuation of our fantastic lunch at O Bontemps.

The next dish was (starting from left to right) was, a terrine of eggplant, fresh goat cheese mixed with herbs, regional salad and stuffed octopus (in the beginning we were all fooled to think that 
it was bone marrow).  Another wonderful dish with 
fantastic flavours and textures.  A medley of fresh flavours. 

The main dish was a show stopper.  The chef and his 
assistant came barging out of the kitchen with a very long wooden plank with a lovely 600 grams meat on it.  We had to duct our heads if we did not want our heads chopped off from the plank.  It hovers over our heads and landed on a serving table.  The chef slowly & gracefully sliced the tender meat like butter. Cooked perfectly medium rare. 

Accompanying the wonderful meat was a mix 
of bean sprouts & stewed beef with the fusion of 
asian flavours of anais, ginger and soy sauce.  

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