Monday, April 28, 2008

O Bontemps III

Finally the end of our meal at O Bontemps

The dessert was a layer of a yellowish candied banana foam 
and the second layer was a rose mouse with big chunks of marshmallows.  This was my least favourite dish of the meal.   I thought the banana candy foam tasted artificial and the combination of the layers & marshmallows was too sweet.   

The cheese trolly was a delight in terms of originality               
and choice of local cheeses.   The cheese trolly itself was a wonderful piece.  

We ended the meal with coffee and wonderful selection of hand made candy to accompany the coffee.

This was one fine and delicious lunch.  I consider this restaurant now one of the best in the area and would love to return.  The chef is a genious in fusing flavours, turning traditional dishes into contemporary meals without going overboard.  

On top of it all, the lunch menu for starter, 2 main dishes, dessert or cheese was only 45euros.


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