Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Le Mimosa

Le Mimosa is one of the most famous restaurants in the Languedoc. Le Mimosa has been successfully running now for 25 years. It is owned by David and Bridget Pugh. It will take another blog to explain their fascinating life stories. But, I first will tell you about my meal at their restaurant. I eat at their restaurant at least once every time I am back to France and I have been eating there for the last 4 years and have never been disappointed.

We were accompanied by friends from Thailand, so it was a
table of 7. I have to apologize for my photos. I turn off the flash of the camera in restaurants so that I do not disturb the other customers of the restaurant.

The start of the dinner was a simple pan fried scallop, but boy oh boy was it cooked perfectly and tasted so fresh and good.

The next dish (from right to left) was a soup of fois gras, a terrine
of fois gras and mild sweet onions on a toasted baguette. The soup was so light in texture but heavy on taste. The terrine of fois gras was soft and silky and the special sweet onion only grown in this area has the softest yet sweet taste to end the dish.
Following that dish was risotto with seasonal fresh asparagus.
The rice was cooked just right, and the flavour of the seasonal asparagus was to die for.  We really appreciated and were reminded how special it is to be able to eat seasonal vegetables.

To be continued

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