Monday, March 16, 2009

Quan 94 (Saigon)

When read that there was a very famous restaurant served some of the best crab dishes in Saigon. We decided that we needed to find this place and try some of the food. So, after a huge breakfast at the hotel (a huge mistake because we were not too hungry when we actually found the restaurant).

The restaurant is called Quan 94. We were really happy that we found the place because there were several similar restaurants on the same street. Like most restaurants I like, this one was very simply decorated and open aired. Luckily for us the menu had photos of the food available. On top of that sitting next to us was a lovely and charming Vietnamese elderly couple. They saw that we did not know what to do. The gentleman in perfect french recommended what we should have.

The gentleman recommended that we start with the simple crab noodles. Since, we were not too hungry, we only oredered one dish of crab noodles. After we ordered, the cook started making our order. At the same time, many motorbikes were arriving to order the crab noodles to go. We immediately knew that this was going to be really yummy.

Here is the famous crab noodles dish. Huge fresh crab pieces with glass noodles and some herbs and spices. It smelled and looked wonderful.

Like most foods in Vietnam, we were given a huge platter of fresh vegetables and herbs to eat with the crab noodles. The mixture of taste and textures were amazing. There are herbs and vegetables that we do not get here in Thailand, so eating them is a rare treat.

This is a sad sight, but here is the yummy crabs that they use to get the crab meat. I have to say the Vietnamese crabs are really good. They are all alive, and the cooks take them when they need more crab meat.

If you are ever in Saigon, do have a visit to this amazing restaurant. The next time we are in Saigon, we definately will go back. But this time, we will not eat a big breakfast.

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