Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sushicyu & Carnival yakiniku (Bangkok)

We heard that there was new and very good Japanese bbq restaurant on Thonglor. I always liked the idea of cooking the food ourselves and since it is close to the house, we decided to try it.

The restaurant consist of two parts. One part is the Japanese dinning area called Sushicyu where sushi and sashimi is made and the second part is the Japanese bbq area called Carnival yakiniku. The bbq area has tables with built in bbq stoves. The atmosphere consist of clean lines, is modern and is brightly lit. This side of the restaurant is definately not for vegetarians. The menu consist of different cuts of meat for grilling. All the cuts of meat and mixed vegetables come in a thick & rich marinade.

The first plate of meat was Jyo Karubi.

The second plate was Yasai Mori (mixed vegetables).

The third plate was Honetsuki Karubi.

The third plate was Toku-Tan (beef tongue).

The fourth plate was Kamo (duck fillet)

The fifth dish was Eringi (mushrooms).

The sixth plate was Saikoro Karubi (beef fillet cubes).

The seventh plate was Live (no Japanese translation on the menu).

The eigth plate was Buta Karubi.

The staff is putting in the hot charcoal for us to start grilling our food.

My friend starting to be the chef, putting some meats and vegetables on the grill.

Grilling your own food is actually fun. You get the beef the way you want it; either raw or well done. It also gives us time talk and enjoy the wine. All the meats were from a local source and they were all fabulous. Every single meat was tender and tasty. There is no reason why restaurants have to import meat when local measts are this good.

To end our carnivour evening; we decided to have their famous spicy beef soup with egg. A really thick and hearty soup. Full of vegetables, eggs and very tender beef cubes. It was not too spicy even though there was a lot of chili oil.

The final soup was a bit lighter than the first one. Its almost like a miso soup but much more flavour and condiments; such as you can guess...meat. A nice soup to sooth the tummy after eating so much.

We did eat way too much for our good. But, every meat dish looked to good and we could not resist ordering them. I would definately recommend this restaurant for the simple fact of quality and deliciousness.

The service was perfect. The staff always knew when to change the grill because it was gettting too burnt, or knew when to change our dishes, or when to pour the wine. For a small restaurant, I have to say that the staff was well trained.

88 2nd floor, Sukhumvit soi 55 (Thonglor), 02-7138312

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