Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Back in Sunny Paris

We are back in Paris for our Songkran holiday. We arrived in Paris early in the morning and had a lunch appointment with friends in the afternoon.

We parked the car right next to Le Bon Marché (my favourite place to go shopping in Paris) and walked to the restaurant because it was such a beautiful and sunny day in Paris. Walking through the park next to Le Bon Marché. Watching people have their lunch in the sunshine. It really is nice to be back in Paris.

Crossing the road and getting close to St. Sulpice.

Arrived in St. Sulpice church (which is being renovated). Here are Parisians enjoying the sun at a cafe near Yves Saint Laurent.

We stopped to take a look at all the wonderful and beautiful pastries at Pierre Hermé (a must if you are in the St. Sulpice area) before continuing our walk to the restaurant for lunch. We were getting close to the restaurant and I am feeling happy an very hungry.

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