Saturday, April 18, 2009

Des Gars dans la Cuisine (Paris)

We had friends visiting Paris and on their last day in Paris, they wanted to have brunch in Le Marais. Since, I have never had brunch in Le Marais, I was curios to go. Our friends are the experts of having brunch in Paris, so I knew I had good guides. Whats so great about Le Marais, is that it only one metro line from the apartment.

We got off the metro and walked through Le Marais to find the restaurant. We met our friends at Des Gars dans la Cuisine. A very nice and cosy restaurant with only about 10 tables.

Once we sat down at the table; the waiter served freshly baked croissants and baguettes. One thing I do love in the morning is freshly baked pastries and breads. Lots of jams, honey, butter and nutella accompanied the bread.

One friend ordered the organic breakfast set. It consisted of yoghurt, fresh fruit, smoked salmon and pancake.

The rest of us (three persons) ordered the hamburger set (we saw one pass by and we all could not refuse). The waiter asked how we would like the hamburger to be cooked. "Well done please", was our answer. The hamburger was huge, about 300 grams of meat, with bacon and cheese. I have to say it was fantastic. The hamburger set included muesli and fresh fruit.

The sets come with all you can drink coffee or tea. What a brilliant idea.

The service was very friendly. Reservations are not allowed; its first come first serve type of place. However; there was non-stop groups of people coming in for a table. This was one very popular place to have brunch. My friends and I agreed that this was a very good place and that we should return.

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