Monday, April 13, 2009

La Cagouille (Paris)

Our favourite fish restaurant in Paris La Cagouille. Not only is the food amazing, the atmosphere easy going but it is open on Sundays. That's right a good restaurant open on Sundays. Amazing. If you live in Paris, you will know how difficult it is find a good restaurant on Sundays. However; we are still doing our homework to find out more of them.

The strange thing is that a lot of people think that the restaurant decor is not beautiful. I would not go that far. The room is nice because it is not over done. It warm and cozy. IF there is a complaint to have; is that it is too bright in the room. The lighting is too strong and it loses some of its charm.

Every table gets a small plate of mussels in a light butter sauce. These little things are very tasty and gets you in the mood for the seafood dinner that is coming.

The wine that we started with was Chateau de La Preuille. A great find. It went very well with the seafood. It was so good that we took two bottles of it.

The first entrée was oysters. These oysters were really tasty. Good texture. We always have fantastic oysters in Paris.

The second entrée was eparlans and persils. Nicely deep fried to a light golden brown. Lightly crispy. A dash of lemon and these little fellows tasted fantastic.

The third entrée was céteaux. A lovely fish; deep fried to golden brown. A fish prepared so simply but tasted so good.

The first main dish was skael de Norvege. A lovely fish from Norway. Cooked perfectly with firm meat. The fish was accompanied with vegetables of the season.

The second main dish was rouget. Simply paned fried with olive oil. Very tasty.

The third main dish was Saint Pierre simply grilled with a light sauce. Perfectly grilled and the sauce did not over whelm the fish.

The fourth main dish was pave de lieu. Pot a feu style. The fish was so tender and the soup was amazing. I would like to have this again.

The dessert was a Paris brest. Everyone ate so much as well as my friends are not dessert people. However; luckily there was one person was willing to share the dessert with me. The Paris brest was so yummy. It was the perfect dessert to end the evening.

Please click here for La Cagouille's web-site

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