Sunday, April 12, 2009

Le Poisson Rouge (Paris)

The day passes so fast in Paris when you are having fun. After Berthillon, it was late afternoon already. So we decided to have a drink before going home to rest a bit and get ready for dinner. We decided to take our friends to Canal St. Martin.

The new 'chic' neighborhood to live in Paris. However; due to the chic status, the prices of apartments are getting out of hand. Here is one of the reasons that makes Canal St. Martin an interesting neighborhoods. The canal and the boats that pass through them.

The main road closed and is opening so that the boat can pass through.

The bridge opens rather quickly and the boat passed through without any fuss.

Our favourite place to hang out and have a drink next to the canal is Le Poisson Rouge. A very simple bistro. We hear the food is not bad at all; but we still have not had a chance to try it.

Sitting and having a drink at Le Poisson Rouge is great for people watching. Tons of people; from friends, couples or families bring picnics or a bottle of wine and sit next along the canal to enjoy the weather and of course their food and drinks. Its lovely.

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