Saturday, April 04, 2009

Le Grand Pan (Paris)

The recent Fooding award for ‘Best Bistro in Paris’ Le Grand Pan is a fantastic bistro in the 15th arrondissment. Young chef Benoît Gauthier who trained with Christian Etchebest at the nearby Le Troquet has come up with a great concept at Le Grand Pan, a great restaurant in one of the remoter parts of Paris. Le Grand Pan is all about satisfying earthy, carnivorous appetites. Its all about meats.

Meat in huge chunks, with very little done to it except the application of scorching heat, is the house specialty. The chalkboard on the wall announces, as Pan’s permanent fixtures, a platter of charcuterie to be followed by cote de boeuf, cote de porc or cote de veau, all in servings for two (but they look like they can feed a family of ten).

I am very upset with myself. We were so hungry so when the entrées arrived, I forgot to take the photos. We had a dish of morilles, a dish of St. Jacques and a grande plat of charcuterie (which was amazing). I will be going back to Le Grand Pan and promise to remember to take the photos next time.

Le Grand Pan's decor is simple bistro. A nice bar at the entrance for people waiting for their table. Wood table and chairs. Everyone sitting very close to each other.

The fourth dish was cote de boeuf. The beef was cooked perfectly. The texture and taste were amazing.

The fifth dish was cote de porc. Who would have thought that pork can taste so good. Basic but brilliant.

The sixth dish was cote de veau. After the beef and pork, what can we say about the veau. Stunningly good.

The meats came with a side of salad.

The fries deserve extra-special mention. They were huge chunks of fries; so crispy on the outside but so tender and soft inside. Apparently, I read that they were double-cooked. Since, I am not a chef, I have no idea what that means but I will find out.deep-fried.

The service was also great. A young man who was switched on about the food and wine. On top of that he had a great sense of humour. What a great evening!

Le Grand Pan
20 rue Rosenwald
75015 Paris
01 42 50 02 50

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