Sunday, April 12, 2009

Berthillon (Paris)

After having a wonderful Vietnamese lunch; we wanted to take our friend (who is a professional ice cream maker in Chiang Mai) to taste the best ice cream in Paris.

Berthillon has been making the best ice cream in Paris, I think since 1954. Even its location is located in a historic area; Ile Saint-Louis.

Berthillon's fame derives in part from its use of natural ingredients, with no chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners or stabilizers. Its ice creams are made from only milk, sugar, cream and eggs. Flavourings derive from natural sources (cocoa, vanilla, fruit, etc.).

I am a huge fan of Berthillon. The rage right now in Paris is gelato. Gelato shops have opened everywhere in Paris. However, I find gelato too sweet and rich. Berthillon ice cream is perfect.

In summer, the queues at Berthillon are so long that it can take an hour to get your ice cream. Spring is the perfect time to go to Berthillon. We arrived and only one person was in front of us. So, we were very happy to get our ice cream right away. The choices of flavours are always very interesting and it is difficult to make a choice. We decided to try dark chocolate and rasberry sorbet.

Here we tried green apple and mango sorbet.

Berthillon also sells very yummy looking pastries. However, their ice cream is the super star.

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