Friday, April 17, 2009

Jazz Club; Lionel Hampton (Paris)

After dinner at Le Baratin, my friends were not ready to go home just yet. So we decided to go out for one more drink. A friend of ours suggested that we go to his favourite bar in the Madeleine. We got into two taxis and to our disappointment when we arrived, the bar was closed.

Since we were all staying very close to the Le Meridien Etoile, Porte Maillot. We decided to go Le Merdien's famous Jazz Club. I was so glad we did. It was an eye (and ear) opener for me.

It cost 26 euros to enter the Jazz Club and that includes one drink. Any drink after that is 12 euros.

Jazz Club; Lionel Hampton is a popular and very famous Jazz Club. It was after midnight and I was surprised to see so many people. The singer was amazing; she actually was not singing Jazz but Blues. Her voice was stunning; so clear and powerful.

Our first drinks with the price of our entry.

The atmosphere is moody and dark. It is very modern in design. I have to say, the service was not very good. It took several minutes for a waitress to notice us; well after we started waving our arms. Then it took several minutes to get the menu; then several minutes to get our drinks. But, I do not think my friends minded because the singing was so good.

A definite place for a night cap and wonderful music.

Category: Jazz & Blues

Le Meridien Etoile, 81 Boulevard Gouvion Saint-Cyr
Paris 75017
+44 1406 83042

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