Saturday, February 14, 2009

Breakfast @ Opera Park Hyatt (Saigon)

We stayed the great Park Hyatt while in Saigon. It has to be the best hotel in Saigon in my opinion. It is even better than some of the five star hotels in Bangkok and that is a difficult task to do.

Breakfast was being served in the Opera Restaurant. In the morning its the breakfast room and at night it is an Italian restaurant. The restaurant is beautiful. Huge floor to ceiling windows that allow the sunlight through.

When you enter the restaurant, you notice the bar. Its used as the coffee bar in the morning

We were seated and I could not wait to start the buffet breakfast.

The freshly baked pastries, bagels and breads looks scrumptious. I did not know where to start.

This side of the buffet counter was the hot food; eggs, pancakes, etc.

But, what I was looking for was the pho. I always like having pho in the morning; actually, I like having pho any time of the day. The chicken pho was not bad at all. I am always dubious about pho made in hotels and especially at the buffet. The bouillon was tasty and the condiments were fresh.

The fresh fruit and fruit juices section

Having breakfast was very good and delicious experience. The service was very nice and good. Since our morning started out so good with a great breakfast, we were ready to play tourist in Saigon.

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