Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Supper Club (Phuket)

On Surin Beach area is a popular restaurant called The Supper Club. We have not been to it for about five years simply because it is too far from Naiharn Beach area. We have a friend who lives half way to the restaurant. It was he who suggested that we go to The Supper Club because it still had great food. How can we resist? So, we stopped over his place for drinks and then he drove the rest of the way to the restaurant.

The Supper Club interiour is dark and with lots of wood. It reminded me of an old jazz club. There are lots of black and white photos of the nostalgic days of hollywood glamour. The music in the background is a mix of Buddha Bar.

When you enter the restaurant, a large bar is situated in the middle of the room. The dinning areas are either on the left or right side of the bar. We were given a table on the left side, which I preferred because there was less traffic than the other side.

The first dish was warm goat cheese on toast. One of my favourite starters and I was delighted that the Supper Club made a very nice one. The goat cheese was of good quality and had a very nice taste. It was baked just right and actually arrived warm to the table. I have had not so good experiences where the warm goat cheese dish was served room temperature.

The next dish was beet root soup. Simply Amazing and delicious. I have never had a beet root soup so when our friend highly recommended it, we could not resist. I never thought of making soup from beet root. But, actually why not? This soup was so rich in taste and flavour. The consistency was smooth and slightly creamy. And the colour was deep red almost burgundy. It was so good that I am inspired to make this soup the next time I find fresh beet root in the market.

The next dish was crab cake. A very nice dish because the crab cake had huge chunks of crab. It was fried nicely, making the crab cake golden brown with a slight crispyness to it. You could actually taste the crab. I normally hate the sauce that accompanies crab cakes, so I prefere just a squeeze of lemon.

The next dish was lamb. Cooked perfectly. The quality of the meat was very good. The meat was tender and juicy. The sauce was a red wine sauce. It tasted very nice and it did not overwhelm the taste of the lamb. A very good portion of mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables to accompany the lamb.

The next dish was yellow tail tuna. The chef really know how to cook his meats and fish. The tuna arrived cooked perfectly. Very good quality tuna and very good taste. The outer layer of the tuna was slightly herbed and spiced so there was no need for a sauce.

The next dish was mushroom risotto. I do love a good risotto. This was a good example of one. The rice was cooked perfectly. Just the right amount of cheese. The mushroom added another texture to the dish. The flavours of this dish was lovely.

The final dish was baby back pork ribs. The meat just fell off the bones. The meat so tender and tasty. I thought the sauce was on the sweet side, but my friends thought it was ok.

The dinning room was long and narrow. The room was very dark with the flicker of the candles on each table as the mood lighting. When the menu arrived, each menu has its own mini lamp attached to the menus so you can actually read it. A very good idea.

Please click here for directions to The Supper Club

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Andy said...

Just back from Phuket and stumbled on this place - amazing! The staff (Ben the Bar Manager in particular)went out of their way to ensure we had a fabulous time! Ended up going there 3 times during the week - now I am in withdrawl......