Saturday, February 07, 2009

Salaloy Sea Food (Phuket)

The day was passing by too fast in Phuket, before we knew it, it was lunch time. We decided we wanted a simple lunch and one of the nicest place to sit for a simple, cheap and delicious lunch in Phuket is Salaloy Sea Food restaurant on Rawai Beach.

This was the stunning view when we arrived at Salaloy. This is one of the reasons why we like coming to Salaloy. However, one of the reasons we hate going to Salaloy is how long it takes to get a waitress to take your order and how long it takes the food to be served.

There is something wrong in the Salaloy's kitchen. Either they do not have enough cooks in the kitchen to keep up with the amount of customers they have, or the cooks in the kitchen are simply the slowest cooks in Phuket. You can wait as long as 45 minutes to get your food. It's quite unbelievable.

The restaurant is open air with picnic style tables and benches. You sit next to the beach and you have the lovely view of fishing boats and/ or tourist boats come and go.

It is a mix of people who come to eat at Salaloy. Local families, expats and tourists are often seen at the restaurant. I can assume because of the fantastic view, very affordable and delicious seafood. It was late in the day, and we had dinner plans, so we did not want to each too much for lunch.

The first dish was shrimp salad with lemon grass, mint and chilies. The taste was very nice; but the very very disappointing thing about this dish was how ungenerous they where with the shrimp. I am not joking when I say that there were only SIX shrimps in this dish. There were two of us, that means three shrimps per person. That is a not good.

The next dish was a special local vegetable. A typical story at Salaloy. My friend is allergic to garlic; so we ordered this dish without garlic. And guess what? The photo is proof; they were not listening. The dish came with huge chunks of garlic. Of course, we sent it back and ordered another one. But, this dish was a disappointment. The vegetables were too fibrous to eat. It was almost like eating wood. I remember that this dish used to be much better. Too bad.

The next dish was deep fried fish with tumeric. Absolutely fabulous! This fish alone is worth coming to Salaloy. I have not seen this dish anywhere else on Phuket. The fish is deep fried perfectly and the amount of tumeric on the fish is just right. It give it a nice and unique flavour. We actually ordered two dishes of this dish because it was so delicious.

We go often to Salaloy, simply because it has a nice atmosphere. But, we always get frustrated on the issue of how long we get our food after ordering.

A very unique aspect of Salaroy is that there is a major road between the kitchen and the dinning area. The wait staff have to carry the tray of food across the street, trying to avoid being hit by the passing cars or motorcycles. Its fun to watch.

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