Friday, February 13, 2009

TsuNami Japanese Restaurant @ JW Marriott Hotel (Bangkok)

TsuNami opened few weeks later after the devastating tsunami hit Asia. At first, we thought they would have to change the name of the restaurant because of the deadly tsunami; but, they actually did keep the name. We were all wondering at the time; 'why on earth would they go ahead and name their restaurant TsuNami?' A couple years later, the restaurant still exist and it does have very good food.

TsuNami is actually two restaurants in one. 'Tsu' is the sushi/ sashimi and Japanese cusine restaurant and 'Nami' is the American/ Disneyland style of cooking the food in front of you. We had a friend in town who wanted to try Nami.

It was a quiet evening at Nami when we arrived so we got our own cooking station. We did not have to share our chef with anyone.

Tsu already has a very good reputation in town for their amazingly fresh sashimi. To start our evening we needed to have a huge helping of that wonderful sashimi. And boy did it live up to its reputation. The sashimi was so fresh and tasty. Huge chunks of fresh fish imported from Japan. I just gave you a hint on how expensive Tsu can be. The word 'exported' from Japan already can tell you that this is not the cheapest place in Bangkok to have sashimi. However, it was worth every baht.

The next starter was also from Tsu side of the restaurant. A selection of sushi. Again, no words can describe how wonderful sushi can be when the ingredients are this fresh and tasty.

To start our meal at Nami is quite complicated. Reading the menu already can make an atomic engineer go bananas. However, once the waitress explains to you how the menu works, it actually makes sense some how. The meal comes in sets. Many types of sets. You choose a set and the set is based on fish, chicken, pork, beef. On top of that; each of those choices consist of local or imported ingridients and on top of that different quality of imported ingredients. Phew...I am tired already just trying to explain that part. The set also includes a starter; which you have to choose from soup (two types of soups) and a salad (two types of salad), then you choose the main course and then a dessert (you have to choose from fruit or a Japanese dessert).

Our salad arrived, and you have a choice between four different types of salad dressings to choose from.

The next starter was a choice between a mushroom consume or the typical miso soup. We all chose the mushroom consume. The soup tasted very nice. A light fragrance of mushroom and the consume was light and tasty.

Since there were three of us. We decided to have three different sets so that we can try different things. One person chose pork set, one person chose the beef set and the third person chose the lamb set.

The chef started with the scallop & shrimp as our appetizer. It is fun to watch the chef cook the food in front of you. The scallop and shrimp were very good. The chef actually did not over cook the seafood which was terrific.

The first set was the pork set. Again, due to the terrific raw ingredient, this set was very good as well. The pork was very tender and moist. The cooking style for all the sets were the same, so it really depended on the meat to be the star of the show.

The second set was the local beef set. The beef was amazingly tender and tasty. Who needs imported beef when local beef is this good?

The final set was the lamb set. By this time we were really stuffed with food. But, the lamb did look really yummy. Even though we already over ate, we could not stop eating the lamb as well. As the other meats, the lamb was of good quality and had a nice taste.

For our meal; TsuNami had a huge list of sake to choose from. We are still amateurs when it comes to choosing a sake. We took the recommendation from the waitress and the sake we chose was very good.

The decor of TsuNami is modern Japanese. When you enter a restaurant; you are captivated by the enormous art piece made of wood that replicates a wave. It stretches from one side of the restaurant to the other. Its quite impressive.

We do like going to TsuNami once in a while. It has fantastic food and service. However; due to its prices, we seldom think of going to TsuNami. There are many other Japanese restaurants in town with good quality with value for money.

Contact Information for TsuNami Japanese Restaurant @ JW Marriott Hotel
4 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 2
Bangkok, 10110 Thailand
Phone: 66 2 6567700

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