Saturday, February 07, 2009

Crepes Village (Phuket)

Another lovely long weekend in Phuket. Beautiful sunny weather. Another place to for breakfast. Very close to our home; another breakfast place opened (they also serve lunch & dinner). We decided to try it. The place is called Crepes Village and as you may have guessed by now; their specialty is crepes.

The restaurant is in someone's garden. The set up is an eclectic bunch of tables and huts for the customers to sit. Since it was very sunny, we decided to sit inside a cabana.

One of the unique tables to sit and eat. Crepes Village had a lot of breakfast menus to choose from. My friend chose the egg breakfast set and I chose the crepe breakfast set.

We both first received our orange juice and coffee. I have to say; awful! We are in Phuket, where I am sure you can get plentiful of oranges to make fresh orange juice for their customers. At Crepes Village; they decided to use 'fake' orange juice. I am not sure if its from concentrate or a powder, but that was not a good experience. Then; to our horror, the coffee was equally bad. We noticed that they had a nice espresso coffee machine; but our coffee was either instant or something that was brewed earlier and has been sitting in the pot for hours. On top of this; they gave us packets of powdered creme for the coffee. This is where, I had to put my foot down and asked the waitress for fresh milk for the coffee.

Then we received cheap toast, cheap butter and cheap jam. I know; as a restaurant they want to save money by buying the cheapest products and try to make the price of the food as cheap as possible for their customers. But; when cheap equals bad quality, they might as well not do it. Because most customers will not enjoy the experience and not come back again. There are times when people are willing to pay a bit more or better quality.

The egg breakfast set. The eggs were cooked as asked and it tasted pretty good. The 'one' slice of bacon was horrible. It was mostly fat and cooked in a way that the bacon was not crispy but limp and oily.

The crepe breakfast set. The crepe was the only good thing I had the entire breakfast. The crepe was nicely made; fluffy and moist. I asked for honey instead of maple syrup and the combination of the honey and the crepe was nice.

All the cabanas in the garden for the customers to enjoy. Crepes Village has all types of crepes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. I would recommend anyone; if you decided to go here, stick with only the crepes. I noticed the owner was a French man. He really should know better than to serve such bad quality food & drink items. As an owner of any restaurant; you just simply have to ask yourself: "Would I eat this kind of food when I go out?" I really hope, he soon decides that the answer should be 'NO' and upgrade the quality a bit.

Please click here for directions to Crepe Village

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