Monday, November 01, 2010

Baan Klang Nam

We had friends visiting from Switzerland and they a favourite restaurant they like to go to when they are in town. We always have to take them to Baan Klang Nam atleast once while they are in Bangkok.

One of Bangkok's finest seafood restaurants, this converted teak house sits right on the Chao Phraya River, overlooking the huge Rama IX cable-stayed bridge. Every table has a great view of the river life. Sitting here is just lovely and nice to get away from the concrete jungles sometimes.

The restaurant is open air (no air-conditioning). The decor is very simple with wood table & chairs. The ambiance is very relaxed & easy going. The thing that shines out is the food.

The starter was Fried shrimp cakes. The shrimp cakes were deep fried to a light golden brown. The shrimp in the cakes were plump and fresh. They were crispy on the outside and moist & tender on the inside. Just a lovely way to start a meal.

The next starter was Grilled squid. A very simple way to eat squid. The squid was so fresh; therefore, it was not rubbery. The dipping sauce that accompanied the squid added the right balance of sweet, spicy, sour & tangy.

The next dish was Fried fish in fish sauce. Boy do I love fried fish with fish sauce. The fish was so fresh. The fish was fried perfectly that the outside of the fish was slightly crispy and the meat was tender & flaky. The fish sauce was a great combination of sweet and acidic. Wonderful.

The next dish was Baked prawns cooked & glass noodles. The combination of textures, colours and flavours in this dish was amazing. The huge prawns, & glass noodles were backed in spices, ginger and pork fat. The prawns were plump & juicy, the glass noodles sucked the flavours of the spices & ginger. All in all; perferct.

The next dish was Crab with egg & curry sauce. Crab is already the messiest seafood dishes to eat; but we love making it more messy. So we ordered the crab with curry sauce. This is probably not the greatest for my cholesterol level but so what. It was so worth it. The crab was huge and fresh. The curry sauce was thick, rich and messy. This was truly the definition of finger linking good!

For dessert was Mango sticky rice. No matter how full we were; we could not resist sharing a small plate of mango sticky rice. It is almost the end of the mango season (or is it already?). But the mango was so sweet. The sticky rice was tender, sticky and flavourful with coconut cream. Decadence.

Overall; the seafood at Baan Klang Nam is fresh & delicious. The atmosphere is charming due to the river and the place is cozy. The service is spot on; they know what they are doing, very professional & friendly. The prices are so affordable for seafood on the river. Yes; this place sometimes can be very touristic because the good food and the scenery. But what is nice is that Baan Klang Nam has not made the prices 'touristic'. They have maintained a philosophy that everyone should be able to eat at Baah Klang Nam; which is a fantastic way to think and that is what I support.

288 Soi 14
Rama III Road, Bangkok 10120
Tel.: +66 (0) 2292 2037, +66 (0) 2292 0175

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Happy Eating with Hahasiu Pan Mee! said...

What is the best way to get to Baan Klang Nam? Is BTS possible?

Thanks & am already luving the seafood!