Friday, November 19, 2010

Matthieu de Lauzun & Alain Chabanon Journalist wine dinner at Pullman Wine Pub

We were invited to join the One Star Michelin chef Matthieu de Lauzun & wine maker Alain Chabanon Journalist wine dinner at the Pullman Wine Pub.

I was quite excited to try what the chef was going to make since the Pullman Wine Pub was more easy going compared to the fine dining that the chef is used to doing in France. I was impressed that around 30 journalist showed up for the wine dinner.

The starter was Cold salmon hazelnut crusted, poireau vinaigrette, smooth scrambled eggs. The salmon was cold, fresh, soft, moist and cooked perfectly. The scrambled eggs was between crispy crust. The entire dish was light but heavy in taste and textures. Wonderful dish. The beautifully structured 2008 Rosé Trémier with it's delicate tannins; which is a wine made to accompany food, was indeed a perfect match for this dish.

The next dish was Grilled scallop apple and mint paste and almond emulsion. The scallops were so fresh, plump and soft. Cooked so perfectly that they melted in my mouth. The Apples & mint paste added lovely flavour. The harmony of the sour, sweet and savory in this dish was heavenly.

The next dish was "Poelen" Roasted veal chop, truffle oil mashed potato, red wine jus, Dauphine potatoes. The veal chop was cooked to a perfect pink, the veal was so tender & juicy. The red wine jus added the right amount of flavour without over whelming the meat. Simply devine. The 2004 Les Boissieres with its deep red berries & wild herbs nose, beautifully structured and well balanced tannins was a perfect match for the veal.

The dessert was Textures of pineapple, coconut and rum sorbet, cardamom coulis. The dish was beautifully structured. Each layer had a different texture and flavour of pineapple. A scrumptious dessert with so much thought put into it.

Chef de Lauzun being introduced to the journalist by the General Manager of the Pullman Hotel, Marc Begassat.

All the female journalist (they all seemed to be smitten with the young & handsome chef) being photographed with the chef.

Overall; the food was incredibly delicious! Even though this was not fine dinning; the chef still thought through every element to make each dish stand out and taste wonderful. The dishes were beautifully put together & each dish was composed of lovely textures and flavours making each dish memorable. On top of all this; the wines were so lovely, easy to drink and long on the palette. A delicious evening with two rising stars!

Chef Matthieu de Lauzun will be cooking at the Pullman Wine Pub until 27 November. Go if you can; you will not regret it.

Pullman Hotel Wine Pub
8/ 2 Rangnam Rd.
Bangkok 10400
Tel.: 02-680-9999
BTS: Victory Monument


Graham said...

Looks like pretty fine dining to me. Assume De Lauzun in Gignac is closed and Matthieu is on what the British call a "busman's holiday".

Deep Sea said...

Hi, I've dropped in on your blog a couple of times, and each time its a pleasure to read the reviews and see the photographs. Have noted down a couple of places you have reviewed, on the 'to try out' list.

mrigorous said...


What did you think of the tapas tree?

Looks like you and I were there on the same night.