Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One star Michelin chef at the Pullman Wine Pub

I just read that there is a One Star Michelin Star chef coming to the Pullman Wine Pub. Here is the ad that I took from their website:

One Star Michelin chef "Matthieu de Lauzun" from Gignac, France will fly in to show his creations at the Wine Pub Pullman Hotel.

Saturday 20th - Saturday 27th November 2010
18:00 - 10:30 pm

An 18 tapas tree including 4 glasses of Alain Chabanon wine at Baht 2,000 (nett) for 2 persons.

This promotion sounds really really interesting. First of all because I had the good luck to have already tried his restaurant in the south of France. The name of his restaurant is 'Restaurant de Lauzun' (the date of the posting was 9/ 5/ 2010) and the photos of the food do not give it justice. Second I love the wines of Alain Chabanon. So great food and great wine...what a great combo. Finally, the third at 2,000 baht nett...I am there. My friends and I already reserved a table for the opening night. Yeeepeee, can't wait!

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mrigorous said...

I'm going to the press dinner version of this tomorrow! Very exciting. Please post again soon. I miss your updates.