Friday, August 05, 2011


We decided to have lunch at Kuu because they have a very good dish that we like to eat. Kuu is at the very popular K-Village.

The main dinning room was full so we were seated in the back dinning room, which was not bad at all because there was much more natural lighting. The decor is simple and main colour scheme was grey, brown, ivory & black.

My dish was Tonkatsu Ramen (180 baht). The tonkatsu ramen consisted of thick pork bone broth ramen with a deep fried pork cutlet on the side. This broth was rich in flavour and had a smooth texture. The condiments of bamboo, half egg and seaweed added texture and flavour. The tonkatsu that accompanied the dish was nicely deep fried to a golden brown. It was very crispy & flaky on the outside but tender & moist on the inside.

My friend's dish was Kuu Ramen (180 baht). The Kuu ramen consisted of spicy chili and sesame ramen soup served with deep fried pork & minced pork. When the dish was served; we noticed that it was not the normal Kuu ramen that we normally order. Normally; the dish has a deep red colour to indicate the spicy chili and the ground pork was missing from the dish as well.

We called the waitress to complain and told her we have had this dish many time but we don't know what the dish was in front of us was. So; we told her to take back this dish and replace it with what we ordered.

This was the second Kuu ramen that was served. This was the right colour (deep blood red) and spiciness level. We don't know what happened in the kitchen. We noticed that the Japanese chef was not there, perhaps he was on holiday. Therefore, that is probably why there was no 'quality control' when the dishes were leaving the kitchen.

Overall; Kuu's atmosphere & decor is pretty nice, the space is good in terms of volume and height. The service is a bit off balance. The staff is friendly enough; but they need more training. The menus were falling apart and the drink menu was in a disgusting condition. The food is good (when they get it right). We have had better ramen; but the Kuu ramen are unique and that is why we keep returning to Kuu; but they will need to watch the 'quality control' of the food that comes out of the kitchen even when the Japanese chef is not around or they will start losing us.

address: K-Village, 1st floor, zone A, Sukhumvit soi 26
Bangkok, 10110
phone: 02-661-3840

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