Wednesday, August 31, 2011

La Crèmerie (Paris, France)

We wanted to have lunch at Le Comptoir at St. Germain (one of 'THE' bistros in town). But first, we parked the car at Le Bon Marché to take a look at the épicerie (it is something we always do when we are in Paris). We walked from Le Bon Marché to St. Germain. After a nice walk, passing Eglise St. Sulpice, when we turned around the corner, we were shocked to see a queue of people waiting for a table at Le Comptoir. There are no reservations at Le Comptoir; its first come first serve. It looked like it would take at least an hour before we would get a table.

We were too hungry to queue for a table. But my friend remembered that there was a quaint little restaurant 50 meters away. The place is called La Crèmerie. It is a very well known secret among the foodies who want very good but very simple food. We were very lucky that there was a table available for us and we were actually glad that Le Comptoir was too busy. It gave us a chance to finally try La Crèmerie.

La Crèmerie get its name because the restaurant used to be a crèmerie. There are still traces of it's former glory as a crèmerie such as cows on the faux stained ceiling (which was very cute by the way).

La Crèmerie is a very small place. It has only five tables and a counter with four high stools. There are sausages & hams hanging, there are wines on the walls and there are canned and preserved foods on the shelves.

The concept of the place is that first of all...the food is to be shared. No single dishes exist or is allowed. The portions are copious. The food served are cold cuts, smoked fish or meats, pates, cheeses, etc. There is no cooking involved. However; the food that is served is supposedly the very 'best' that France has to offer. Therefore; the prices are a bit higher.

The first dish was Smoked Tuna with crème fraîche (19 euros). This has been the first time we had smoked tuna in Paris and it was an amazing treat. The tuna was so tender and flavourful.

The second dish was Ham (24 euros). We could not believe the amount of ham that arrived at our table but no one was complaining that was for sure.

Display of some of the food they serve in the restaurant.

The very nice design & atmosphere of La Crèmerie.

Overall; we really felt like we were in Paris. This is really a homey, cozy & unique restaurant in the St. Germain area. The owner who was working also as the 'chef' if you can call him that; and I am supposing the lady serving was his wife were very easy going about the whole thing. It was really like eating in their home.

The prices seem high but as mentioned, the owner only serves the very best hams, sausages, cheeses, smoked meats & fishes, etc. etc. that France has to offer. At the same time; the portions are so big that as you can see; we could only eat two dishes for our lunch...and we were stuffed (well the delicious bread & fresh butter also helped in doing that).

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday - 10h to 22h. Closed Sunday and Monday
Address: 9, rue des Quatre Vents, Paris 75006
Métro: Odeon
Telephone: 01 43 54 99 30

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