Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We decided to go see the newly opened community mall on Rama 9 road...The Nine.

Here is how BK Magazine describes The Nine: "Tropical garden-esque and village-themed, The Nine is a semi-outdoor complex with three sections: the Market Village, the West Village and the East Village. But while The Nine has numerous exciting options for eating and drinking, it just can’t compete on the shopping front".

After walking around the mall and looking at all the restaurants; we decided to eat at Toh-Tiew-Toon.

Toh-Tiew-Toon is a Thai Suki restaurant; where you cook your meat & vegetables at your table. The decor is minimalist; creamy white walls with blonde wood & steel legged tables and benches. The tables are cleverly designed with hot pots build into the tables.

So; the idea is you choose either a la carte or set menu. We chose one real Kurobuta pork set (280 baht) and one imported Chuck Eye beef set (280 baht).

The sets included fresh vegetables and herbs to put into the broth. The vegetables & herbs added a nice flavour to the broth and texture to the dish.

The real Kurobuta pork and the pork broth.

The imported Chuck eye beef and the beef broth.

The sets also included rice noodles topped with garlic.

Toh-Tiew-Toon was having a special promotion. If you ordered two sets; you get one 'chuck eye or wagyu beef'. So we took the wagyu beef since we already ordered the chuck eye.

The special home-made sauce. It was really tasty...but really spicy (which was a good thing).

The pork & beef broths starting to boil...so we were ready to cook...and we could not wait eat!!!

Overall; the restaurant was very easy-going & cozy. The meats were very fresh and tasty. Both the pork & beef broths were rich & flavourful. The vegetables & herbs were fresh and crisp. The service was good and the prices were very very reasonable. With a combination like this...no wonder Toh-Tiew-Toon was packed when we were there.

Address: 999, 999/1-4 Rama 9 Rd (second floor)
Phone: 02-716-7845

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HBW2001Reunion said...

I just moved to BKK from NYC and have really enjoyed reading your blog. New York has some fantastic new cocktail bars and I was wondering if you could suggest any places in BKK to get a proper libation.