Monday, September 05, 2011

Domaine Alain Chabanon harvest Pt.2 (Montpeyroux, France)

In part one of Alain Chabanon's harvest we were in the vineyards. In part two; Alain allows us to watch what is happening in the cave. The process here is they will hand sort the grapes before they go into the vat.

The grapes waiting to be unloaded onto the conveyer belt.

The team that is carefully working with and watching over the grapes so that no foreign substances go into the vat.

After the first check, the grapes will fall onto another conveyer belt.

Down they go!

The grapes fall into the swirling machine that will gently separate the grapes from the stems.

The separated stems are escorted out from one exit and the separated grapes fall onto the conveyer belt where another person hand checks to make sure that only the best grapes go into the vat.

This is the white wine fermenting. It actually looks disgusting! It is alive and moving. It looks like it is a monster from a horror movie or a giant oozing brain....believe me it looks disgusting. But what is amazing is that the best white wine will be coming out of this stuff. Can't wait.

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