Saturday, September 24, 2011

Meert (Paris, France)

After lunch; we decided to walk to one of the oldest candy shops in Pairs for dessert…Meert. It has been open since 1761….quite amazing!

Why would we walk to a candy shop for dessert you ask? Well; Meert has something that is very unique and absolutely delicious. Something that is rare in Paris.

One of the lovely window displays of their fine, delectable and beautiful products. The hint of why people all over Paris walk to Meert is at the bottom left of this photo.

The very cute & adorable seasonal window display. In those red boxes are the amazing & delicious reason why the store was packed when we arrived.

Here are the culprits of our journey to Meert. The freshly home made Gauffres (waffles) sandwiched with either a raspberry or vanilla cream. These are not the same waffles you get on the streets of Paris. These are fine, thin and soft. We chose the vanilla cream because it is the classic flavor (you have to eat these amazing waffles right away…they do not travel well).

I also could not resist buying several packages of home made bonbons and caramels (uummm; which cost me my life's savings…it is amazing how expensive caramels are).

Overall: Meert was a beautiful confiserie. for some reason you can feel the heritage of the brand: the fun & beautiful detailing of the shop included drawings on the walls of different sweets, the tall glass jars nestled with sugar coated goodies, the glistening packaging with colored foils and shiny satin ribbon, or the dizzying array of confections including flavored colored marshmallows, chocolates, caramels, confitures, spice bread, cookies, biscuits, jelly candies, candied chestnuts, glazed fruits, and chocolate covered orange peel & whole oranges. No matter what your heart desired to satisfy your sweet tooth; they had it.

One of the reasons why I love Paris are these hidden beautiful gems which are scattered all over Paris and have something really wonderful to offer. While everyone or every tourist goes to Ladurée and to wait in queue for an hour just for macaroons…I would rather walk to Meert and have one of these scrumptious gaffers any day. Can't wait to go back for more.

Address: 16 Rue Elzevir, 75003
Phone: 01 49 96 56 90
Metro: Saint Paul


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