Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Glou (Paris, France)

We were in Le Marais area to do some shopping...we wanted to have a quick, inexpensive but good lunch. We always liked Glou so decided to go there again. Lucky for us they had a table available because the place is normally packed for lunch.

The decor is simple & nice. Light wood tables contrast with dark wood chairs. The wall decor is a great idea in terms of show casing the wines and specials of the day. The room is spacious and has high ceilings and lots of sunlight coming in for natural light.

We took the lunch menu at 15 euros which consisted of a starter & a main dish.

We both stared with the Quinoa salad. The quinoa salad was ok...nothing special. It actually could have been from a 'ready' made pack from Metro. A disappointing start.

My friend had the Bonito tuna with braised leeks. My goodness; the tuna was sooooo overcooked that it was hardly eatable. You do not have to be a great chef to know that you never over cook fish. What on earth was this chef thinking or not thinking at all. Simply awful. The leaks were mushy...like baby food. Whaaaaaa (that is a crying baby sound).

I had the Pork fillet with fried potatoes. Luckily for the chef...the pork was a bit better but was also overcooked. Oh my! The pork was of good quality though. But this was no dish to write home about. Too bad!

Overall; we were really disappointed in the quality of the cooking at Glou this time. For some reason; there was not much attention to details as there used to be. The service was still friendly but not as attentive as it used to be. This is a shame and we have decided this gives us good reason to try other places now in Le Maris so that we can find a place that has consistent good food & service and of course reasonable prices.

Address: 101 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003
Tel.: 01 42 74 44 32
Open Daily 12pm-2:30pm, 8pm-11pm
Subway: Saint-Sébastien - Froissart

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