Friday, February 03, 2012

Duc de Praslin @ The 9 community mall

We had lunch at the new community mall 'The 9' on Rama 9. After lunch I had a feeling for something sweet after lunch. We noticed a Belgium chocolatier opened a chocolate & dessert place on the first floor. Since I am a chocoholic....we needed to try it out.

The chocolate & dessert place is called 'Duc de Praslin (pronounced pralin with out the 's'). The concept & philosophy of Duc de Praslin is bring the 'true & classic' way of making Belgium chocolates to Thailand.

Duc de Praslin brings in the best cocoa mass from around the world like Ecuador, Costa Rica or Peru (plus many more) and makes the different types of chocolates here in Thailand...amazing!

The architecture and design of Duc de Praslin (in my opinion the best at The 9) is simple but has so many details. Such as the elevated floor, wooden beamed ceilings and sanded down wooden floors. Plus the unique lighting fixtures of upside down pails on poles which adds a bit of fun & quirkyness to a place that is serious about making fine chocolates.

I ordered the warm chocolate cake set. For 139 baht the set came with the warm chocolate cake and a hot chocolate. What is very nice about the place is that they were very flexible when I asked if I can have the set with a hot Lavazza coffee instead; they were very kind to allow so.

The warm chocolate cake was moist & plump. The cake had a rich taste of chocolate and the lovely added topping of a caramel cream. A nice mixture of tastes and textures (the chocolate chunks on the sides).

Duc de Praslin has a big menu of chocolate smoothies which are so much better, richer and more flavourful than say Au Bon Pain or even Starbucks.

But what is really interesting is the large selection of 'hot chocolate' recipies that are served at Duc de Praslin. I think it is the only place in Bangkok or even Thailand that has the most selection of hot chocolates to choose from. Each one is so different from the other but all have one thing in chocolate taste and a smooth & think feel in the mouth.

What's more impressive is that they are not overly sweet which I hate. This is due to that the fact that they do not use powder chocolate but real chocolate. You choose the percentage of chocolate cocoa you want in your hot chocolate. Amazing!

A wide selection of home made praslins for any one who has a chocolate obsession.

More chocolate selections for anyone who does not want praslin. My ultimate favourite are the Orangettes in dark chocolate. I eat that stuff by the kilo.

Desserts to choose from. From left to right....Home-made brownies, apple crumbble (my personal so so good), chocolate souffle and clafoutis. I heard from the staff that Duc de Praslin will be bringing different desserts every month. That's not fair to my diet.

The huge selection of chocolate bars. The chocolate bars are made with the chocolate of origin and different percentage of cocao...for example Costa Rica or Peru with 64% or Ecuador with 71%.

Overall; a really nice place at The 9 for a cup of coffee; hot chocolate, desserts or chocolate passion. The place has really interesting design and decor. The staff is so friendly and efficient. The store manager K'Koko (a huge coincidence) is a very nice and really knows her desserts. She really understands what hospitality really means.

My goal is to try every hot chocolate on their menu as well as try as many desserts they have...oh did I mention that I am a chocoholic?

The 9 Mall
999 Rama 9
Bangkok 10110
02 619 7167 907

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