Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Farm Design @ The 9

I have never seen so many people stand in a queue for a slice of cheese cake. But for some reason; cheese cake from Hokkaido, Japan is the trendy & in thing to eat now in Bangkok. Farm Design a brand from Hokkaido is a smashing success.

Apparently; the cows from Hokkaido are very special and make the best milk around. That is why anything dairy from Hokkaido right now is being gobbled up by the Thais. The soft ice-cream from Hokkaido is selling by the kilo and the Hokkaido milk (different flavours as well such as strawberry, banana, etc.) can't keep up with the demand.

Farm Design is located at the new community mall called The 9 on Rama 9 Rd. You can't miss Farm Design because there are always people queuing up for a slice of cheese cake.

The window display to entice people to take a look and of course ultimately eat one.

There is no amazing atmosphere, great decor or modern design in the Farm Design (the only thing I thought was interesting was the open kitchen where we could see the pastry chefs making the cheese cakes). But; from what I saw, it seems like no one cared about the plain feel or look to Farm Design. They were all just focused on their cheese cakes.

The day we were there (around 15:00 after our lunch), Farm Design had about 10 different cheese cakes to choose from. As you can see most of the cheese cakes were already gone...incredible!

We decided to try the Classic cheese cake (95 baht) & Cow's cheese cake (105 baht). I am no expert of what makes a great cheese cake; especially the ones from Hokkaido. Honestly; I can't say that I am a fan. I found the cheese cakes to be...well; a bit plain but not bad. The texture was creamy, soft & moist, it was less dense than a New York cheese cake and what I did like was that they were not overly sweet.

We also could not resist the Cow's sablet (55 baht). I thought the cookies were cute; designed like a cow's skin print. I found the packaging to be simple, clean and really fun...I even liked the logo of the cow head with sunglasses...I really liked the design of the packaging.

Overall; I am amazed at the popularity of Farm Design...I cannot say that the cheese cakes are the best in town but they are ok non-the-less. When you put a good quality product with cool packaging and incredible word of mouth...there should be no surprises to why a place does so well.

Address: 999 Rama 9 Rd.

Telephone: 02-716-7878

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