Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tables @ Grande Hyatt Erawan

Tables opened about two or three years ago (no idea)…we tried it two times: the first & the last all the same time. The food was just ok but the experience was dreadful..all because of the Swiss-German wicked witch of a manager. Be patient with me…I will try to make a long story short of this evil witch.

Here were some personal reasons why Tables did not work for us and I am sure for many people from the start:
1. They did not allow card holders of the 'Card at the Hyatt' to be used at Tables. One key reason why the F&B is popular at the Grand Hyatt; not only is the food good but the card gets people to return.
2. The prices at Tables were too expensive; though Tables was saying due to the quality of the imported products; the prices had to be high.
3. The Swiss-German 'meanie'…she was very mean to the staff; which is non-of-my business, but when she scolds them and is being mean to the staff in front of customers…then that becomes my business. I do not want to see or hear this drama while I am eating. And; on top of it, I did not think the staff deserved it.
4. The Swiss-German 'know it all better than the customers'…we were served a bread basket but the bread tasted and felt like they were stale (could have been sitting out too long in the humidity). Which we thought was strange because every time we ate at the buffet the bread was fresh. So; we told her about the stale bread and asked if we could have fresh bread. She replied; "We bake the bread daily and we serve only fresh bread". Here is the kicker…"Do you know about bread? We in Switzerland make very good bread and this is how it should be".

Ummmm; all I asked for was a basked of fresh bread…not her scolding of what fresh bread is and how it should be. All she had to do was say sorry or let me see if we have a fresh batch to give you. We even told her that the bread at the buffet is very good as a hint…she could have said, 'let me get you some from the buffet'. Whatever; but not tell us 'we do not know what bread is'. It was really incredible!

So; that was our last experience at Tables at the Grand Hyatt. After that experience, I knew Tables was not going to work. For the simple fact that the place was too snobbish and the evil manager.

Several years later; we heard there were several changes at Tables. We heard that there is a new chef and new manager. On top of this the 'Card at the Hyatt' was now allowed to be used like every food establishment at the hotel…a wise decision. We also heard that their Sunday brunch was actually out of this world. So with the combination of new chef & manager, Card at the Hyatt was being allowed to be used and that the food was suppose to be incredible…we decided to return and try Tables.

The concept of Tables is that in the evenings for dinner; the chefs come to your table and cook in front of you….hence the name of the restaurant; Tables. But for the Sunday brunch there are several cooking stations where each station will have a chef who will specialize in a certain type of dish.

The decor is a mix between art deco & a modern cigar lounge. Lots of chrome, glass, copper, leather & wood. The ambiance is relaxed refinement. The space is enormous; half the second floor is dedicated to Tables.

The Pasta cooking station.

The Champagne with truffle or seafood risotto cooking station.

The Lobster bisque or pea soup cooking station.

The cold cuts station.

The meat (beef & lamb) carving station.

With your Sunday brunch you have a choice of one hot main dish. We ordered the Lobster thermidor. The portion was just right, the lobster was very fresh and it was cooked nicely. This was a delicious dish.

The cold appetizers on display.

The fresh oyster & scallop station.

The Beef bourguignon cooking station.

The cold & hot dessert station.

The lobby of the Grand Hyatt.

Overall; we did not get to try all the cooking stations (I did not post photos all the cooking stations; for example the fish cooking station). There was so much food to try and my stomach did not have the space; but believe me, I did want to try everything…next time.

The food was outstanding. The selection of foods was amazing. The quality of the foods was very good & fresh. The chefs at the cooking stations were professional and cooked the dishes nicely. The service was perfect and very friendly. The new manager was attentive and also very friendly. And due to the 'Card at the Hyatt'; the cost of this meal was also very reasonable & acceptable.

The only problem now is that getting a reservation for Sunday brunch at Tables is very difficult. it has become very popular…good for them.

We are for sure going to return to the new incarnation of Tables…it was a lovely afternoon.

Address: 494 Rajdamri Rd. Bangkok 10330

Telephone: 02-254-1234

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