Saturday, March 24, 2012

be Organic (Organic & Macrobiotic kitchen by Lemon Farm)

The Lemon Farm supermarket has existed in Bangkok for quite a while now. It was the market where you went if you wanted healthy or organically grown & produced Thai foods. We heard that Lemon Farm recently opened another branch on soi Langsuan.

However; we were very interested to see the new modernized Lemon Farm market because they incorporated an Organic Restaurant where they use all the fresh organic vegetables, fruits and food products of Thailand. I liked the sound of the so we had to try.

The be Organic (Organic & Macrobiotic kitchen) restaurant was simply decorated with different styles of chairs and tables with different colors. The restaurant had lots of natural light…which is very good for being in a supermarket.

Actually; there was nothing special about the decor or ambiance of be Organic. It seems like the space was not designed to be a restaurant and it was just an after thought.

My friend's starter was Organic pumpkin soup (65 baht). The soup was creamy & velvety, the pumpkin flavour was rich. Simply...the very good taste, quality & price of the pumpkin was all in all a great treat.

My friend's drink was iced Matcha green-tea (60 baht). The matcha green-tea drink was refreshing and tasted very nice.

My starter was the Tofu Paradise Salad with Ginger Spice dressing (95 bath). The tofu salad was a huge portion (a very good thing). I thought 5 pieces of tofu was being on the stingy side but the tofu did taste nice and was firm & dense. The organic salad & vegetables were very fresh and had great colour. A vibrant dish that was value for money.

My drink was iced Chrysanthemum tea (60 baht). The chrysanthemum tea was light but tasty.

The Lemon Farm healthy & organic supermarket. We always like to see what is new & yummy in the world of organic produce, home care & body care. On top of that...all made in Thailand (I did kind of went overboard after lunch and I bought tons of things).

My friend's main dish was Steam organic brown rice with stir-fried tofu sweet & sour organic vegetables (105 baht). The stir-fried tofu with organic vegetables were very fresh and tasted very good; however again, they were very stingy on the tofu and vegetables. The amount of food would probably not have been enough to feed a mouse. Thank goodness for the organic brown rice (which was very good) to fill up my friend's tummy.

My main dish was Spaghetti beetroot sauce (145 baht). This dish sounded very interesting when I read it in the menu due to the beetroot sauce (I like beet root very much(). The dish did turn out to be very nice. The beetroot sauce was rich in taste and thank goodness the sauce was not too watery. The vegetables added textures and colours to the dish. The dish was not very filling but I did like the idea of a totally organic vegetarian spaghetti dish using fresh organic ingredients.

Overall; be Organic was not bad at all. The food is very fresh. The portions are not copious so it would be wise to order several dishes to share. However; the prices are very reasonable so ordering several dishes to share will not be a problem.

The atmosphere or decor of the place is nothing special; but we did not mind because the food was good and the service was friendly & attentive. After lunch; the fun part began with shopping in Lemon Farm for healthy & organic Thai products. There is never anything wrong with being healthy and supporting the Thai organic movement at the same time.

Address: 1 floor The Potico
soi Langsuan (150 m. from BTS Chidlom station)

Telephone: 02-652-1975

Open daily 11:00 - 21:00


Gadi said...

My girlfriend and I decided to give the place a try after we randomly Googled your post when looking something interesting to have for our Sunday brunch. Going to the Lemon Farm has to be the best choice we could have made!

Good service, good price, good taste, super healthy, and most important - very satisfied altogether.

I ordered the vegetarian set for 150 Baht. It included hot tea (refill), small salad, soup and a main dish with rice. Great colors and great taste!

My girlfriend ordered a salad, a soup and two cold drinks and loved it very much. We ate their organic ice cream (Wheat Grass and Cherry Tomato, both were surprisingly amazing).

We will definitely return to this place many times in the future, great experience. I recommend it to everyone who is a fan of healthy food!

Nick Thorne said...

Lemon Farm have really good produce. I have a school near Ari( we often use Lemon Farm's goods for our lunches and snacks. I will have to go try out the restaurant. It seems reasonably priced for organic meals and although the organic movement is growing here, it is so hard to find quality restaurants. If you know any more good ones please keep posting.