Saturday, March 03, 2012


I am in love again with Indigo. The food at this lovely French restaurant is really really yummy again. I have not been to Indigo for a while for the simple fact that, I thought the food was not as good as it used to be. Then we heard that Indigo got a new chef. I went back three times and I have to say that all three times were just perfect.

One reason why I like going to Indigo...the lovely garden terrace gives diners a unique atmosphere of eating under the stars and trees. When it is not too hot; sitting in the open garden ads such charm and the atmosphere is so comfy and relaxing.

My friend and I had the same starter... Frisée salad with home-made sausage with pistachio (420 baht). Anytime there is a frisée on the menu; I normally take it. Its so hard to find this lovely salad on menus in Bangkok. The slightly prickly and bitter frisée was a beautiful contrast to the richer & flavorful sausage. So simple this dish; but so much texture and flavors.

My other friend had the Lobster mousse (240 baht). The mousse was velvety, soft & light. The lobster flavor was intense and the cream was rich & creamy. All together; the textures and flavors made this dish heavenly.

My friend's main dish was Boudin noir (420 baht). The blood sausage had a soft, tender & rough texture. The blood sausage's typical ingredients of onions, lard, apples, fatback, garlic, parsley, nutmeg, cream, egg, salt & pepper (not sure if there is any other secret ingredients Indigo uses in their blood sausages)…made the sausage very tasty.

My other friend had Venison (590 baht). The portion was huge, the venison was so tender and had a lovely gamey taste to it. The sauce added lovely flavors to the meat but did not overwhelm the meat (which is a very good thing).

My main dish was Beef stroganof (480 baht). The beef was tender and the sauce was creamy & rich which added the right balance of acidity, salty, peppery and sweetness to this hearty dish.

For dessert; we shared a Pear tarte (190 baht). Actually; I thought this was the weakest part of our dinner. The portion for the dessert was big, the pear tarte was indeed fresh, it had good flavour and it was not overly sweet; but I found it to be too dry.

Overall; the food is tops at Indigo; the quality of the food is the best, the portions are enormous and the prices are incredibly affordable for the amount and quality we got. The wine list has amazing choices and again so affordable. The service is always friendly and attentive. The atmosphere of garden dinning is just lovely. I am so so glad that Indigo is really yummy again. Will be going back and back again.

Address: 6 Convent Rd., Bangkok

Telephone: 02-235-3268

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UnkaLeong said...

I loved indigo. It warrants a re-visit the next time I'm in town :)The area holds many gastronomical memories for me having lived on Soi Phiphat 2.