Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Burger Factory

Another gourmet hamburger joint just opened. Burger Factory just opened on Ekamai soi 10. I passed by the construction of the place everyday going to and coming from work. When the place was done; it looked really interesting and I really like their slogan (which will be announced later in the post). We decided to try the place for lunch. Since they just opened; they were giving 10% off the price of all hamburgers…wooohooo!

We liked the decor of Burger Factory. The theme is industrial chic; lots of steel, from the walls that decorate the open kitchen, the tables & chairs and even the very cool hanging lamps. The designer of this place had good ideas which we seldom see in restaurant design.

My friend had the Classic bacon cheese burger (265 baht). The burger was accompanied with lettuce, tomato, red onions, ketchup & mayonnaise. The burger patty was fresh and compact. The burger was cooked correctly at medium. The bacon was crisp, the bread was unmemorable…but I would probably say that about any burger bun (home-made) and the vegetables were fresh and vibrant in color.

All burgers come with your choice of house-made potato salad, french fries or seasoned curly fries. My friend ordered potato salad but the waiter returned to the table and told us that they did not have any ready yet because they were still making it…ummmm; bad kitchen preparation or bad organization??? Anyways; we ordered the curly fries…they were cooked to a golden brown and were very crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. The seasoning was a combination of spicy and salty…very nice.

There is a small outdoor dinning terrace for those who need to smoke. I did not particularly like it since it is smack next to the soi where cars & motorbikes are constantly passing by with their noise and fumes.

I had the Factory burger (290 baht). The factory burger was a 'classic cheese burger' but was accompanied with caramelized onions, fresh sweet onions and a spicy kick from home made sauce (available in beef or pork patties). My burger was the same as my friend's except there was no mayonnaise (thank goodness because I really despise the stuff).

I did not realize it but my friend and I ordered pretty much the exact burger. I should have been more experimental with my choice because Burger Factory has other interesting burgers such as the 'Black Label burger'…a blend of rib-eye, sirloin & chuck patty on a toasted brioche bun with roasted garlic mayo, truffle oil and parmesan crisps…550 baht (ouch). "Sunny side burger'…homemade country pork sausage with a shiny sunny side egg topped with cheddar and mozzarella cheeses on a toasted English muffin…265 baht (more affordable). 'Lamb burger'…jouciy ground and marinated lamb served with tomato relish and yoghurt-cucumber sauce…325 baht. etc. etc. Next time…I will be more adventurous.

The restaurant is not large; but is lovely space. Lots of natural light from the large floor to ceiling glass windows. The main color theme flowing throughout the place are greys, whites and rustic black.

The Burger Factory's motto says it all…"In Beers & Burgers We Trust"…very cute.

Overall; the burgers were proper, tasted good, prepared & cooked well. Nothing to complain about at all (maybe the bun). Another very nice gourmet hamburger joint in Bangkok and I can only see it doing very well. The staff is so friendly; actually ours was so friendly that he started explaining every burger to me before I had a chance to read the menu. The prices are pretty much the same for all the other gourmet burger joints in town. The space, decor & ambiance is really great. The industrial design is coming back in trend but Burger Factory added a new twist to it; at the same time; its relaxing and cozy. There is parking because Burger Factory is located in a mini-shopping mall on Ekamai across from Health Land. All in all…very nice.

Address: 3 soi 10 Ekamai, Bangkok 10110

Telephone: 02-714-4249

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