Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bangkok Hamburger Company

We heard of a new hamburger joint had opened on Thonglor soi 10. The place is called Bangkok Hamburger Company. The very first gourmet hamburger place (to my knowledge) and only place on Thonglor that is very focused on only the 'hamburger'.

I know the hamburger is making a come back as a trendy type of food…it has evolved to into something more than the typical McDonald's hamburger. When we were in Paris; yes even Paris, the hamburger was popping up in all the high-end restaurants (at ridiculous prices).

BHC is designed like a typical American diner; large booths with faux burgundy colored leather benches and chairs & wooden tables. The wooden walls were simply decorated with photos of cows, etc.

The menu offered the typical American diner fare…such as milkshakes, floats, onion rings, buffalo wings, large ice tea, etc., etc. They also offered pork, chicken and vegetarian burgers.

But of course the star of the place were the hamburgers. Lots and lots of choices to choose from. From the basic to the very inventive. You can also select the size of the hamburger you want…regular or large. All the hamburgers were freshly patted that day (no frozen patties), the meat is of the highest quality and the sauces & marinades are home-made.

It was actually; fun to see the possibilities of how a hamburger can be dressed up.

My friend decided to have the basic Bacon cheese (295 baht). The burger consisted of triple bacon and cheddar cheese. Loads of beef & pork in this dish. All the flavors of the beef and bacon were apparent. The cheese was of good quality. Never can go wrong with just going basic.

I decided to have the Mexicana (320 baht). The burger consisted of chili con carne (beef), sour cream, salsa, cheddar cheese and jalepenos. This was a messy meal (a good thing). The dish exploded with so much flavors and textures. The only negative aspect of this dish was that because it was so full of ingredients; the hamburger beef did lose its taste. Yet; it was still a great hamburger.

The french fries were good; fried to a golden brown, slight crispness to it (but I would have preferred a bit more crispness to it) and it was soft & tender inside.

Overall; I am no expert on hamburgers. I eat them only once in a while. So, I can only tell when the meat is fresh, the bread is of good quality, the ingredients are fresh, the sauces are not industrial and there is care & passion put into the dish. And what we experienced; had all the things mentioned above.

We did have a disagreement with a friend of ours who says that the hamburgers here are not good; but he did not give a reason for his negative reasoning or even tell us where there is a better hamburger (for sure I would not know). He could not counter me on the reasons why I believe BHC is has good quality hamburgers. So until he can prove otherwise; we will still consider BHC a great place for hamburgers.

Address: Opus Building, 139 Thonglor soi 10

Telephone: 02-715-9407

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