Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kasa @ Rain Hill

Rain Hill is the latest addition of community malls in Bangkok. Located on the corner of Sukhumvit soi 47; it is not as big as the others but it actually looks really nice. It adds some nice architectural eye candy compared to most of the ugly shophouses on Sukhumvit.

The two largest tenants are Wine Connection and Au Bon Pain. The concept of Rain Hill is getting back to nature; so the place looks like a tropical rain forest with its very high walled gardens and rain fountains. If you are an eco-conscious; you will like the eco-design of the place.

It was a Sunday and we decided to have Udon at a new Japanese arrival. We heard that this udon place is very popular in Japan. Just the other day we were at Rain Hill and the udon place was empty…so we thought…let's go for it.

Oooppppssss; to our shock and surprise (as you can see in the photo above), every Japanese family in town with some Thai families as well had the same idea as us. Word of mouth must have spread really fast.

There was no way we were going to wait in a queue for udon and besides I was starving. So we decided to walk around Rain Hill to see if there was another place that we could have lunch.

We saw another Japanese restaurant called Kasa which had a nice dinning terrace; so we decided to eat there.

I decided to have the Tuna maki sushi set (240 baht). The presentation was nice; good portion of food. The tuna was very fresh and tasted very nice. The other fish; such as the salmon, eel, etc. were just as fresh.

My friend decided on the Sushi special set (340 baht). The colors and textures of this dish was amazing. All the fish was very fresh and tasted lovely. This was a good choice and a great value at 340 baht.

As usual; I was did not have enough food. So, I ordered the Ten Zaru soba (185 baht). The cold soba was cooked well and tasted very nice when dipped into the sauce with wasabi, green onion & ginger. The tempura was deep fried to a golden brown; crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Another aspect of the tempura was that it was not oily.

Oh…back to the story of the udon place. We targeted a family that was in the queue to eat udon when we sat down at Kasa so that we can know how long it was taking for the people to order their food. It took the Japanese family 30 minutes to reach the counter to give their order. I have no idea how long it took to get the food but I was soooo happy that we did not do that non-sense of waiting in a queue for udon.

Overall; Kasa was not bad at all. I would not say it was the best in town…but the fish was very fresh; the food was very well & beautifully executed and it tasted good. Can't ask for more. The menu is extensive but with all the basic or common Japanese foods that you would expect. The prices are on average like every other mid-level Japanese restaurant in town. The service was very attentive and friendly.

Kasa was actually packed with families…I am guessing all the people were the spill over like us who intended to eat udon but decided to not to.

Address: Sukhumvit soi 47
Telephone: 02-261-7610

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