Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gignac Market (Gignac, France)

We are in the south of France...Languedoc.  It was Saturday and that means its market time in Gignac the town next to ours (which is only 10 minute drive away).  We always drive to the Gignac market because we have several favourite producers we like to buy products from. 

The first beautiful flowers of Spring.  

The organic vegetable producer. 

A cheese trailer. 

Beautiful veggies and fruits.

The meat trailer; every meat eater's dream.

Our favourite egg and chicken woman.  We always buy her fresh eggs; her eggs are always so fresh and big...and they are so cheap.  We also always buy her chicken for our roasted chicken dinner.  They are always fresh and delicious. 

Our favourite cheese woman.  We cannot believe this old woman makes the best cheeses around (also a cheese cake to die for).  She also has fresh milk, yoghurt and butter.  We buy it all.  

The bread stand.  

The roasted chicken trailer.  

The olives and tapenade trailer.  

There are hundreds of stalls and trailers selling the best agricultural products of the area.  We are really lucky to have one with such good quality near our home.  The day was sunny with blue skies, a bit chilly and so much yummy looking fresh products...a day with so many pleasures for the senses.

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