Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pinxo (Paris, France)

We had a big day planned of walking and shopping around the St. Germain area.  So we decided to have lunch around the area as well.  We heard that Allain Dutournier opened a second Pinxo bistro in the St. Germain are.  The first Pinxo is already popular and there was no reason why Pinxo St. Germain would not be as delicious.  Pinxo is the informal bistro associated with Allain Dutournier's much more famous and expensive Carré des Feuillants restaurant.  With this kind of pedigree; we wanted to try it out.

Pinxo means 'to pinch' in the chef's southwestern dialect.  We noticed that most of the dishes that was coming out of the kitchen were in a set of 'threes'.  For example; three bowls, three meats, three desserts. etc.  Then; we understood, the concept is about sharing (or pinching food from other's plate) your meal with other at your table...which is a very Asian thing to do...I like, I like!

The decor of Pinxo is minimal, wooden floors, white walls and some very strange paintings on the walls...but the focal point directs all customers to the very small open kitchen where the chefs make their specialties.  

I took the lunch menu for 29 euros.  My starter was Poached egg salad.  The mix of leaves were very fresh with different colours and textures.  The poached was cooked nicely and was a good combination with the salad.  Nothing extra ordinary with this dish but satisfying. 

My friend did not have a starter...his main dish was Steak tartare (24 euros).  The tartare was fresh, tender, chunky and loads of flavour. The fois gras on top added more flavour and the smooth & velvety texture added a nice contrast to the chunky meat and the crispness of the toast.  I really liked the idea of splitting the dish into three pieces so that I can 'pinch' off some food from my friend's dish.

My main dish was Lamb stew with seasonal vegetables.  The black iron kettle of stew was of a good portion, the vibrant colours of the vegetables shinned through.  The lamb was so tender & soft.  The rich & intense flavour of the sauce was lovely.  A tasty & hearty dish that can win anyone's taste palette.  

My dessert was Cafe Gourmand.  The end of meal came a lovely set of a coffee, chocolate cake and a small but tall glass of fresh seasonal strawberries with whipped cream.  I just love strawberries!

My friend's dessert was Fresh strawberries (8 euros).  My friend could not resist the strawberries so he ordered one for himself...thank goodness the dessert came in 'threes' again so that I can 'pinch' one of the glasses from him.  Yuuummyyyy!

Overall; the food was simple but hearty and delicious.  No fuss, no hassles...just fresh & good ingredients and turned them into delicious dishes.  The price was just right for the quantity & quality.  The male wait person was really friendly and attentive.  He was in just a good mood.  The ambiance was easy going and relaxed.  After a meal like this; it gave us the energy to keep going with our day in Paris.    

Address:  82 rue Mazarine 
                95006 Paris


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